Monday, June 7, 2021

Where the heck does the time go?!!

 So our window installation last month went relatively smoothly; the work was done in three days, none of the cats escaped through the openings when the old windows were removed and there was only one minor hiccup as the transom window in our closet was white on the outside instead of sandstone. They expedited the order of the replacement for it and that was put in on the 29th--so far so good. Unfortunately, because the windows came five to six weeks earlier than expected our finisher can't stain and varnish them until after July 4th. I have blinds ordered which will probably get here in the next week or so, but they can't be installed until the staining is done so we are currently living in a fishbowl and will be for another month! And as someone with a bit (or more) of OCD it leaves me feeling slightly on edge pretty much all the time having an unfinished project all around me. This is why it took me so long to actually get around to starting it in the first place; I know I'll be very happy when it's done but the process is a killer.

Anyway, I was actually able to get quite a bit done on the model while they were here because I didn't want to be upstairs while they worked so I burrowed into my craft room and stitched all day for three days. I'm probably around the halfway point now and hoping to finish it in early July (hopefully right around when our windows get finished!).

I did spend one weekend last month working on Glendon Place's Spook Town Square. I looked back in my blog to see when I had last had it out and was amazed to see that it was almost three years ago--there's no way I would have thought it was that long ago! I'm still working on the second of the four charts, and was able to finish the borders for the two remaining squares in that part. Here's before:

And after:

Now when the mood strikes I'll have the fun part of filling in those squares to work on.

On June 1 the two SALs I'm working on released new parts and I finished those up a couple of days ago. Au Fil des Nichoirs by Jardin Prive now has two parts to go and will hopefully be done in early August:

I'm looking forward to seeing the October birdhouse next month!

The Cecilia Votta SAL still has four more parts to go (I haven't done all of the outlines because I'll need to extend my Qsnaps once the next part is done):

A close up of the last three parts:

I've added a few metallics and beads to this one, but it's kind of fun to see how a fairly limited color palette can make up so many little motifs. I would imagine Santa will make an appearance soon, so looking forward to that.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Glad your windows went fairly well.
    All great projects!
    Have a great week!

  2. Glad the home improvements went well and the cats did not run away with all the noise and mess!
    The bird houses are lovely and the Christmas design is so cute. And of course I love the Halloween. It's amazing what a few days of dedicated stitching can get done.

  3. If you made such good progress on your model, you earned yourself some fun play time with your SALs, and they all look great! Hope your windows get fully sorted out soon.