Mirabilia's July's Amethyst Fairy, converted to Ruby Fairy

For those who are interested in this conversion, I've attempted to put it in some kind of order. Bear in mind that I started this about nine years ago; I will try to answer any questions that arise, but some of the details might be a bit fuzzy.

If you do stitch this, you'd better be a fan of stitching with reds; you will need three skeins each of DMC 150 and 777.

I've included some pictures that should be helpful, especially the close up of the face, which shows the beads in the headpiece, necklace and bracelet.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and happy stitching!


  1. Melanie can you tell me what is the fabric name you used for the 'The Stargazer' project? It's beautiful!

    1. Hi Avis, I responded to your post on another entry, but you must not have seen it. Anyway, Stargazer was done on a color called Cursus from Sugar Maple Fabrics, which has been out of business for several years now. HTH!