Saturday, December 31, 2011

My goal for the year

Having been stitching for 25 years now, and acquiring stash at what seems like an exponential pace for the past 10 years or so (not so coincidentally, starting with finding online sources for all manner of goodies), I believe that I may finally have reached the point where adding more stash is starting to seem more than a little unneccessary. So, I have decided that in the new year I will refrain from buying all but the barest amount of new charts (I have to have any new Nora Corbett charts, since I collect them all!), and only stitch on current WIPs. As the thought of doing this is already making me somewhat anxious at the thought of withdrawal from the high of a new start, I am adding the option to make a new start (or two), but only if I already have all of the supplies necessary to the design.

A disclaimer: I am currently a model stitcher for Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor, and as such, I am not including any stitching for her in this resolution.

I am currently working feverishly on Mirabilia's "Lady Alexandra", which I started back in June, but which ended up being put in the closet for quite a while. Here is a picture from this morning:

I am getting fairly close to the finish, hopefully within the next week. I am stitching her on PTP Flapper Belfast; I thought that the purple fabric would really highlight the purple detailing in the skirt.

Once I am done with this piece, I plan on getting out my WIP bucket and sorting through it to find a nice mix of designs to set aside for working on this year. I'll post some pics when I do; I honestly believe I have more than 100 WIPs, so it should be interesting!