My Just Nan Hoard

3 Santas WhimZi
3 Violets Humbug
8 Point Star Garden
12 Days of Christmas WhimZi
20 Flowers
Amethyst Snowflake
Among The Roses
And Many More Needle Case w/finishing kit
Angel Melody WhimZi
Autumn Glory Humbug
Autumn In the Square
Autumn Spell WhimZi
Autumn Typography
Baby Garden
Barnabee In Bloom
Barnabee's Bride
Barnabee's Quest, parts 1-3
Batty Hatty & Boo
Beaded Rose
Bee Blossoms
Big Bee, Little Bee
Blitzen Glistens
Boo! tin and needlebook
B-r-rice Snow Drop
Butterflies, Blossoms & Bees
Butterfly Bouquet
Butterfly Lace
Butterfly Rose
Candy Cane Snowflake
Cardinal Tweet
Catnip Tea
Celestial Collaboration: Stars In Bloom
Chapter & Verse Patience, Chapters I-IV
Charm Garden
Cherish Angel
Cherub Garden
Chillary Snow Drop
Christmas Biscornu
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Collaboration, parts 1-3 (part 1 Just Nan, part 2 Charland Designs, part 3 Shepherd's Bush)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve WhimZi
Christmas Friends
Christmas Is Comin WhimZi
Christmas Sheep Ornament Pocket
Christmas Wishes
Christmas Workshop
Common Ground
Count LeScarrot
Counting Bats
Crystal Heart
Crystal Roses
Daffodil Run
Deck The Halls
Dragonfly Summer
Ebony Rose
Emma & Eliza In the Garden
Emma & Eliza Meet the Owls of October
Emma & Eliza's Christmas Hat
Enchanted Swans
Fairy Roses
Finchley's Garden
Finchley's Summer House
Filagree Fancies: Curious Cats
Filagree Fancies: Teddy's Wreath
Filagree Fancies: Winter Roses
Floral Sunshine
Florentine Floral
Flower Girls
Flying Colors
Friendship Collaboration, parts 1-3 (part 1 Shepherd's Bush, part 2 Charland Designs, part 3 just Nan)
From The Heart
Frost Flower
Frost On the Pumpkin
Frozie Snow Drop
Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls
Ghoulies & Ghosties
Ghoultown Gala
Gilded Dragonfly Scissor Purse
Gillyflower Grace
Ginger Joy
Gingerbread Jingle Mouse
Gingerbread Mouse, first edition
Gingerbread Scissor Stocking
Gingham Christmas
Gingham Quilt
Girls Night Out
Glorious Wings Amber
Glorious Wings Glory
Glorious Wings Gypsy Rose
Glow! tin and humbug ornament
Grow! tin and pincushion
Halloween Party
Happy Bluebird
Harmony Monogram Tin
Have A Heart!
Heart of Gold
Heartfelt WhimZi
Holiday In Ice
Holly Bows
Holly Knot
Holly Noel
Honey Bunny
Honeysuckle Rose
Hop! tin and needlebook fob
Horrified WhimZi
Ice Blossom
Ice Moth
Jasmine Mix
Jingle! tin and biscornu
Jolly Old Elf WhimZi
Jump For Joy
Kari's Snowflake
Lacy Diamond
Lady Scarlet's Christmas
Lady Scarlet's Journey, parts 1-3
Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden
Lady's Wreath
Ladybug Santa WhimZi
Little Princess Snow
Love Grows
M is for Mouse
Making Friends
Maple Ravens WhimZi
March Hare WhimZi
Mermaid Heart
Merry 15 Biscornu
Merry Old Elf WhimZi
Minerva's Mouse
Miss Kitty's Dragons
Mitten Men
Moon Riders
Morning Song
Needle Flutters Angel
Needle Flutters Lady
Needle Flutters Princess
Needle In A Garden
Needle Tweets Daisy
Needle Tweets Lila
Needle Tweets Pinkie
Noah's Rainbow
Noah's Sampler Reborn
Noel 2012
Noella's Christmas Berry
Oakley Owlet
Octagonal Peacock
Oh Deer!
Ornamental Letters w/Believe graph
Pansies Please
Peacock Alphabet
Peacock Majesty
Peacock Tapestry
Pearl Orchid
Peter Cottontail
Petticoat Heart
Poor Jack! WhimZi
Porch Garden Mice
Pretty Wicked WhimZi
Pretty Winder Pocket
Primrose Path
Purple Heart
Queen of the Needle
Queen's Bluebird Box
Queen's Heart
Quilted Bear
Reindeer Game
Rose Lady
Royal Blossoms
Rudy Reindeer
Scream Girls WhimZi
Scream House
Shenanigans: Calico Kate
Shenanigans: Whiskers
Side By Side, parts 1-2 (part 1 by Just Nan, part 2 by Charland Designs)
Silkwood Manor
Silver Needle
Silver Needle Santa WhimZi
Singing Pin Bird
Sirens of the Sea
Sizzle! tin and pin wheel
Small Delights: All Aboard
Small Delights: Joyous Ark
Small Delights: Seasonal Gems II - Summer & Autumn
Small Delights: Spring!
Snow! tin and needle mitten
Snow Ball
Snow Bonnets WhimZi
Snow Deer WhimZi
Snow Faces WhimZi
Snowflower Lace
Special Delivery
Spooky! tin and witch hat
Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill
Spring Frills Humbug
Spring In The Air
Spring In The Square
Spring Peepers
Spring Spell WhimZi
Spring Typography
Star of Wonder
Sugarplum Violets
Summer Night
Summer Spell WhimZi
Summer Typography
Summer Wings Humbug
Sunny Summer Happy Garden
Swan Lake
Sweet Remembrance
Tall Flowers
Tea With Honey
Thanks A Bunch!
The Reward
Tie One On WhimZi
Tinsel Tapestry
Tiny Garden Square
TrickORTreat Box
Tricky Tweets Jacki Lantern
Tricky Tweets Screamy Mimi
True Friends
Tulip Bunny WhimZi
Turkey Lurking
Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball
Wee Pumpkin Pockets
When Barnabee Met Bella
Where's the Cat?
WhimZi 40 Count Borders
WhimZi Feather Tree
WhimZi Rose
Whirlibirds WhimZi
Wildflower Wishes
Williamsburg Stitcher's Case
Winter Blues
Winter Hearts Humbug
Winter Spell WhimZi
Winter Typography
Winter Violets WhimZi


  1. Have you considered selling.....or lending? I found rhe tweets when they were already sold out. Im looking for daisy and lila - only need the patterns not the kits. Love the pieces youve stitched!!