Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy converted to Miss Independence

Almost nine years ago I stitched up Miss Independence, using the mirror image of the Halloween Fairy and the following conversion:

Skin: L = 948 

Hair: c = 301 
black heart = 300 
black square = PB46 

Dress and boots: | = 321 
circle w/slash = 304 
black square = 815 
note: top of boots was stitched w/PB46 

Ruffle: x = B5200 
c = 932 
black heart = 931 

Wings: / = Rainbow Gallery PB46 
black heart, filled in b and V = PB08 
black square = B5200 

Beads used: MH 0020 for dress and hair decoration; MH 40479 for wings (50/wing) ; red bugle beads at edge of wings 

Backstitching: Skin and eyelid w/1 strand 632; eyebrow w/1 strand 300; eyelashes w/2 strands 3371; boot laces w/1 strand PB46; lines in wings w/1 strand PB08; sparkler stem w/1 strand 310 

The sparkler and fireworks are from a Stoney Creek Disney design, "Cinderella's Castle".

Here is what she looks like stitched:

And after being framed by Jill Rensel:

She joined the other six Mirabilia holiday fairies, which were all framed by Jill Rensel:

New Year's Eve Fairy

Miss Valentine

Easter Fairy

Halloween Fairy

Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy

Christmas Elf Fairy

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