Monday, July 16, 2018

Can't stop stitching!

I am so in love with Lady Mirabilia that I am having a hard time doing anything other than stitching--and my neck and shoulders are not thanking me for it! Here she is as of last night:

I did switch out one of the Waterlilies because I just didn't like the way the two skeins I had looked together, so then I also had to change out some of the beads, but overall I'm happy with the result.

Last week I picked up Moss Collector from the framer; I chose a fun green frame for this one to play off the greens in her skirt and pick up the hints of green in the fabric:

She's going to join her sister in the Black Forest, Blossom Collector, which I had done with the same frame except in pink:

When I picked up Moss Collector I dropped off Miss Solar Ellipse, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her done as the frame and mats I chose were very vibrant. Until then, it's back to Lady Mirabilia and sore neck and shoulders!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, July 9, 2018

A finish and a new start

Last Wednesday I finished another escapee from the WIP bin, Miss Solar Ellipse on Ophelia Belfast by Under the Sea Fabrics:

The timing was perfect because the next day I received Lady Mirabilia, which is Nora's latest release and celebrates her 25th anniversary as a designer of amazing charts. I pulled the threads and went stash diving for a fabric and found a piece of SMF (Sugar Maple Fabrics) Snickerdoodles Lugana that I loved for this:

I started last Thursday, and here she is as of last night:

It's amazing to me that I stitched my first Mira, Villa Mirabilia, over 20 years ago and Nora keeps creating new designs that still speak to me as much as that first one did. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't even still be stitching if it weren't for her designs!

Last week I also picked up some pieces from my framer (including, oddly enough, two Noras!) and dropped off Moss Collector. Here is Nora's Peace Doves (from a book, but currently available for download at Herrschner's):

Miss Lole's Daggerwing:

And Lizzie*Kate's ABC Halloween:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, July 2, 2018

A finish and another rescue

I was able to finish Nora Corbett's Moss Collector last Friday, and I am so glad that I pulled her out again as she is just so pretty and sparkly:

The wings were mostly stitched with Petite Silk Lame Braid, so they have a nice shimmer, and the moss also has some of that braid, as well as a lot of beads:

The beads used for the skirt are a clear mint, and I was concerned that they were a bit too light so I ended up using a couple of the green flosses to attach them, using colors that were better suited to the two tones in the skirt (olive and kelly). I have a few pieces at the framer that should be done soon, so I think I'll take this one with me when I pick them up and get her framed right away.

Since I enjoyed rescuing and finishing this one so much, I decided to go back to the bin and pull another refugee out, Miss Solar Ellipse:

After a couple of days work she now looks like this:

The back stitching in the wings makes a big difference in this one:

My goal is to finish this one later this week, and then I really need to get to work on a model, as I don't like to get too far behind on deadlines.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, June 25, 2018

A call from the WIP bin

Last week I was stitching happily along on Rainbow Ruminations when for some unknown reason I thought of Nora Corbett's Moss Collector, which disappeared into the WIP bin almost two years ago. The urge to pull her out was irresistible, so that's what I did; here is where she had been left off:

And here she is after four days of stitching:

The chart photo on this one is particularly bad; the greens look horrid in the picture, but are actually very rich and vibrant. I'm hoping to be able to finish her later this week.

As for Rainbow Ruminations, here is where I left off for now:

I used some holographic Kreinik braid for the word iridescent:

A model I stitched for Rosewood Manor a couple of years ago has just now been released, and it uses some really pretty Weeks Dye Works threads:

I also received the next model from Karen, so I will probably start that after I finish Moss Collector; that's the plan for now, anyway.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rainbow Ruminations

Last week I sent the Rosewood Manor model back, so I have been enjoying having no models currently in the house. I intended to get back to Spook Town Square, to try to get part 2 done before part 3 comes out in a few weeks, but Tempting Tangles' Rainbow Rumination called out to me and I couldn't resist!

I chose Silk'n Colors Kaleidoscope for the variegated thread, and it is so fun to watch it come off the skein and onto the fabric:

It's funny to me now that when I was a kid my box of eight crayons was always (unwittingly) arranged in a rainbow because that's how they seemed to go together best: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, then brown and black because there wasn't really a good place for them!

Mirabilia Designs is celebrating it's 25th anniversary, and part of that is a small leaflet with a blurb about Nora Corbett, some pictures she likes and a chart called Portrait of Antique Vines, which I stitched:

It's a sweet little design, and would look good in a lot of different colors.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Back from the framer, for good this time!

Last Friday my too-green L*K Spooked and Very Scary came back home in the frames they were originally intended to have, and I am very happy with the results. I was a bit concerned that I would end up regretting my decision to have them fixed, but I definitely like them better now--phew!

Here is Spooked before:

And after:

Very Scary before:

And after:

Lizzie*Kate designs make up a large part of my Halloween wall in my craft room, and I am really going to miss seeing new designs from Linda:

The empty hook in the picture had a non-L*K piece on it, which I removed for the picture. Now if I take L*K's ABC Halloween in to be framed, I can hang it there!

Continuing with the Halloween theme, I have spent more time on Glendon Place's Spook Town Square, and have finished one of the four squares that make up part 2. Here it is before back stitching:

And after:

Such a sad little ghostie! Here is all that I have stitched so far:

I am starting to think that I might be able to finish the current Rosewood Manor model in the next couple of weeks, which would give me a couple of weeks at the end of this month to try to get the rest of part 2 done, right before part 3 is released in early July--fingers crossed (well actually, fingers stitching like crazy...)!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Back from the framer...for a short time

Last Thursday the gallery called to tell me that my pieces were ready to pick up, so I made it over there about 20 minutes before they closed. There were three pieces, so we unwrap one at a time to check them over, and they all looked good so I took them home. Once I got them home and started to unwrap them it occurred to me as I opened the second one that the two frames should have been different colors--I had chosen the same frame for all three, but in three different colors, green, blue and orange. As the two that were both done in green were Lizzie*Kate designs, I thought I might just leave them as they were, but then I opened Halloween Quaker and it had a green frame as well!

When I chose the frame colors, I went with green for Halloween Quaker, blue for Very Scary (to pull out some of the blue floss in the design) and orange for Spooked (so the mats and frames carried through the colors in the fabric); for all three of them to be in green was just too much green! So last Friday I took the two L*K's back and they will be corrected, hopefully as soon as the frames come in.

In the meantime, here they are in all their green glory!

Halloween Quaker:

Spooked (should have an orange frame):

Very Scary (should have a blue frame):

In other Halloween-themed "news", I finished part 1 of Glendon Place's Spook Town Square last week:

This is going to be such a big, fun design--I may or may not have spent a little time on part 2 this past weekend...

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!