Monday, March 27, 2017

Overly optimistic

So, you know how in my last post I said that I thought that Andromeda would take a couple of weeks to finish? Turns out that there was quite a bit more stitching to her than I thought! But I continued to take a picture at the end of every day, and yesterday afternoon I finally finished her, so here are the remaining pictures of the journey.

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Day 15:

Day 16:

Day 17:

Day 18:

Day 19:

And finally, the finished piece:

My sweet husband gave me a gift certificate to my framer for Christmas (they know him by name when he comes in now!), so I think I'll try to take this over this week and get the process going; she's too pretty to leave in the "finished" bin.

Now I'm off to get some housework done, and then I need to get back to the Rosewood Manor model. There have also been two parts released in the two SALs I'm participating in, but they'll have to wait until I can make some good progress on the model--if only there were more hours in a day!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Andromeda day by day

Sometimes a design calls out to you so loudly that you just have to start it; Andromeda did that to me last week, and already having a piece of fabric that I was excited about using just made the call that much louder. As the design isn't really that big, I decided to take a couple of weeks off from the models I should be stitching and try to get her done in that time--so far, so good!

I chose to use the Mermaid fabric, as I agreed with the comments that the size of the moon on the other piece would have been a bit overwhelming and that the colors in Mermaid just flowed so nicely with the floss colors. Since I am trying to get this stitched in two weeks, I thought I would take a picture at the end of every day to see the progress made, and decided to share the pictures here as there shouldn't be too many.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

I'm really getting the urge to fill in all those spaces for her bling, but I think I'm going to wait until after I get her leg stitched and then reward myself with sparklies! The skin is always the slowest part on a Mira, choosing which partial stitches to use to get the smooth lines that make them look so nice, so it's always a relief to have that done.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting anxious... finish these SALs soon; Welcome should have the final part released in early April, and Beautiful Sea towards the end of April. I really like the previews of the Tempting Tangles Long Way Home SAL, so I think I'll start that one once I've taken Welcome off the Qsnaps.

Here are parts 1-13 of Welcome:

And parts 1-11 of The Beautiful Sea:

Part 11 actually has more stitching in it along the right and bottom sides, but I need to see more of it before I can choose which colors to use. Apparently, there is some kind of creature at the right, which has "eaten" the right side of the incomplete motif (which, by the way, is driving me crazy!!); sounds like it should be fun.

I'm very excited about the latest Mirabilia release, Andromeda, which should be arriving in my mailbox today; have you seen it yet?

I already have her kitted up, but I'm torn between two pieces of fabric. Polstitches has these great printed fabrics, and I like the idea of the Moon piece for this design, but the colors in the Mermaid piece blend really nicely with the floss colors:

I'd better make up my mind soon, but it's really hard...

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, February 27, 2017

SAL updates

Last Friday saw the release of the next parts in the SALs I'm participating in; I spent the weekend working on the model, so I'll probably take a day or two this week to get caught up again. The model is a fairly large one; I'm almost a month in and probably only about halfway done, and I'm getting antsy to work on something new--is there such a thing as stitching ADD?!

Anyway, here are parts 1-12 in the Tempting Tangles Welcome SAL:

And parts 1-10 in the Ship's Manor Beautiful Sea SAL:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, February 20, 2017

SALs still going

At this point I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to finish both of the SALs that I'm in in a timely manner (for once!). The one closest to being completed is Tempting Tangles Welcome SAL, which has now had 12 parts released, with four parts yet to come. Here is mine up to part 11 (I'll share a picture with part 12 next week):

I'm looking forward to seeing what develops in the last row of this design.

Deb has another SAL that will start in March, and I think I'm going to try to stitch it as well because I like the motifs that are shown so far. You can find out about the new SAL here.

Ship's Manor Beautiful Sea SAL is now up to 10 parts released, and I'll share a picture of all 10 parts next week. For now, here are parts one through nine:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rosewood Manor designs

I completed five models for Karen last year, with the Hannah Bacon reproduction sampler being the only one released until now. With Nashville Market right around the corner, three of the five new Rosewood Manor designs are ones I stitched.

The first was Morning Glory Sampler:

Followed by Four and Twenty Blackbirds:

Then Merlins Tulips:

These designs are such a pleasure to stitch, and it's especially nice knowing that I will get them all back someday (even if I am already running out of wall space!).

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Little Chapillon

If you've ever looked at charts by Nimue, you know they have a really cute series of cat/fantasy designs. I have two or three in my "Cats" binder, and then last October they came out with a new one called Chapillon and I fell in absolute love with it!

I ordered it right away, at the beginning of October, and I finally received it just over a week ago. Since I had a bit of stitching time for my own projects last week, I made a start on it right away.

It's a bit tricky to stitch, as there isn't much regard for the actual squares in the fabric when they draw the back stitching lines, and I'm not a fan of colors going through the lines (it just looks sloppy to me), but I have to admit that the details do look nice. Here is the first butterfly before back stitching, on a Silkweaver Cashel linen solo:

And after:

Then I worked my way down to the kitty's face, and gave him green eyes because none of my cats have ever had blue eyes. Here's the face partially completed:

And finished:

Now I can look at that sweet little face while I stitch on the rest.

This past weekend I started on a fairly large Rosewood Manor model, so my own stitching will slow down again. I also got a "thumb's up" from Wichelt on the Nora Corbett models, and they're already sending two more, so I guess they were acceptable to them.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!