Monday, April 8, 2024

Tiny Town #10 is done

The day after my last post I finished Just Nan's Enchanted Hearts:

This was such a satisfying stitch: a variety of different stitches, each band went fairly quickly, that band of lace hearts at the bottom is such a beautiful touch and just the overall feeling of community as I worked on a class project with notes from 30 years ago. I've stitched quite a few of Nan's smalls over the years, but this was my first band sampler and now I'm already looking forward to picking another one to start.

Once that one was off the Qsnaps I immediately loaded them up with Heart in Hand's Frosty Tiny Town, to which I added the separate Frosty Frill chart. Every time I stitch a Tiny Town it becomes my new favorite, and this one was no exception. I chose a Silkweaver solo on Belfast linen from my stash; it was a darker gray than the recommended fabric, but I liked that because I wanted the snowflakes to really pop, and it had some nice mottling with even a tinge of purple in it; I finished it last Thursday:

I did have an issue with two of the flosses being too similar in color; my Deep Fennel was a bit too dark, so it didn't have much contrast with the Chesapeake Bay. I had already stitched the first snowman's house when I pulled a different skein of Deep Fennel and tried a bit on a different house; it was definitely lighter, so I made the difficult decision to do some frogging and restitching:

I'm glad I took the time to make the change. because I think it looks better with more definition between the two colors when they're used next to each other. I did make just a few changes to this piece: I added a purple that I used for the scarves on the snowmen (one that was complementary to the tinge of purple in the fabric), I used orange for their noses instead of brown (carrots instead of sticks!), I used a button for the pom-pom on the first snowman's hat and because I switched the second snowman's scarf from red to purple I was able to change the blue jay into a cardinal without having too much red in that area.

This is my 10th Tiny Town so far, five of which have been made onto drums and four of which are at the finisher waiting to be "drummed". While I've already stitched the Any Town Tiny Town, I'm going to stitch it again as charted (I previously did a modified version where three of the buildings were based on shops local to me), and there is a now a More Any Town Tiny Town chart, so I have both of those kitted up (they use the same threads except for one used in just one of the designs) with a piece of PTP Demoiselle Belfast, ready to go when the urge strikes.

I've also done a bit more on Nora Corbett's Miss Pink Mushroom; all of the orange is now stitched so there's just greens left to do:

I was going to keep working on her until she was done, but this past Saturday I played pickleball for the first time and managed to get hurt almost right away! I played tennis in high school and college, and racquetball with my husband after that, but it's been at least 25 years since I've done anything on a court and it turns out I can't make those quick feet adjustments when a ball comes right at me--somehow my lower legs/feet got twisted together and I fell like a tree trunk right onto my right side! My hip took the brunt of it, but I definitely squashed the tendon in my shoulder, so I have limited range of movement for now. I thought at first that I'd have to go to the doctor this week, but so far it seems to be improving so hopefully that won't be necessary; I have a stitch retreat (Needle Bling Design's Get Your Stitch On Retreat in Bloomington, MN) coming up in a couple of weeks, so I really hope it continues to feel better. To add insult to injury, later on a ball bounced up off my racket and hit me in the nose, which made my nose bleed--that's when we called it a day!

Since my right shoulder is very sore, yesterday I pulled out another Mill Hill kit and worked on that, using my left arm to pull the perforated paper to and fro instead of pulling the floss with my right hand. My Callie was not impressed that I'm now working on the Puppy Love kit instead of Kitty Love:

I'm just glad that I was able to stitch on something, and made good progress:

I'll probably have this done by the time my shoulder is completely healed, which is hopefully soon...

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Great stitching!
    I love the older Just Nan's, so classic.
    Your Frosty TT is looking great. like your changes.
    Oh OUCH! I hope you shoulder heals fast.
    Our neighbor plays Pickleball everyday, but I notice now that has a limp!'Maybe injured his knee.
    Take care!

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I felt like such a cliche, getting hurt within the first half hour of my first attempt at pickleball! :D

  2. Sorry about your shoulder but you gave it the old college try! I'm scared to fall, I have the worst knees. The Tiny Towns sure make great drums; I'm looking forward to seeing those at the finisher. Take it easy!

    1. Thanks Shelly; it's hard to believe how much balance we lose as we age--you just don't really know to truly appreciate the things you do with ease when you're young!

  3. I'm so sorry about your shoulder (and your nose!). Hope you heal quickly. Scritches for beautiful Callie!

    1. Callie says thank you, and sends greetings to the werewolves. :)

  4. Stitching band samplers is so much fun! I just never know how to finish them all, and they stitch up so quickly.
    The new tiny town is very cute, small wonder you love them all.
    Hope your shoulder is feeling better by now - I'm not made for sports, either!

    1. I think this might be just the second band sampler I've done, and the first was back in 2000 so I hardly remember how long it took to complete. That one was framed and given to my mom; not sure what I'll do with this one yet--the colors are pretty dated, so I'm not sure I would display it anyway, but I really enjoyed the process.