My Dimples Designs Beasties Project

Over the past few years I've been collecting Terrence Nolan's Wee Beasties patterns, as well as his other bug designs. At this point, I believe I have all but two; I am missing his blue Thyridia and gold Thyridia designs. However, I have more than enough to begin my project!

What I plan to do is stitch all of the bugs on one piece of fabric, kind of like a specimen box without the killing! In the coming months, I'd like to start by trying to figure out an approximate stitch count, so I can determine how big a piece of fabric I need. This will involve a lot of arranging and rearranging the individual bugs, and might be quite a project all by itself.

Here are pictures of all the bugs I've found so far:

Mini Ladybugs 1:

Mini Ladybugs 2:

Mini Jewel Scarabs:

Mini Scarab Duet:

The Jeweled Scarab:

Black Ladybug Duet:

Yellow Ladybug Duet:

Red Ladybug Duet:

The Vedalia Ladybug:

The Larch Ladybug:

Ten-Spotted Ladybug:

Ladybug Collection:

Queen of Bumble Bees:

Emerald Orchid Bee:

Orchid Bee:

Purple Wanna Bee:

Wee Beasties Part 1:

Wee Beasties Part 2:

Wee Beasties Part 3:

Wee Beasties Part 4:

Wee Beasties Part 5:

Wee Beasties Part 6:

Wee Beasties Part 7:

Wee Beasties Part 8:

Wee Beasties Part 9:

Wee Beasties Part 10:

Wee Beasties Part 11:

Wee Beasties Part 12:

Wee Beasties Part 13:

Blue Thyridia:

Gold Thyridia:

So many bugs!! Anyway, that's the plan for now. It will be a while before I can start, but I will update this page when I have any progress to report.


  1. Hi, I'm the Suzy who is sending you the green Thyridia, and when I stitch the Blue Thyridia, if you're still looking for it, I will send it along. I love the beasties so much. I'd never even SEEN the duets! (and now I'm utterly horrified I don't have them).
    My goal is to stitch all of them and shadowbox the pieces to hang on the wall like the rest of my (real) bugs and butterflies :)

  2. Melanie, these are so cool!!!!! What an awesome collection!

  3. Gorgeous collection of critters! I have a few myself, but not as many as you. Hopefully I will get to stitching them.
    Have you ever found that elusive Thyridia butterfly?

    1. Yes, much to my relief they have been found; now if I could find some time to actually get around to stitching some of these! The lament of cross stitchers everywhere...

    2. I’m very happy you were able to find it, I do have a kit for the Blue Thyridia myself and hoping to start soon. I’m in search of color key for Mini Ladybugs I (red ones) myself, have the pattern but cannot find the color key with symbols for the life of me. I don’t know what happen to it, I started them once and gave up snd now I can’t find the key. :( I haven’t been as lucky as you. I already stitched white work is beautiful by the way.

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  4. I meant to say I already stitched White Morpho and your work is very beautiful. For whatever reason some words dissapeared from my first reply.

  5. Love your Dimples Designs Project Collection!!!
    I have been looking for "Mini Jeweled Scarabs". Do you have a copy of that pattern I could get? Or do you know where I could purchase "Mini Jeweled Scarabs"?
    I am also looking for Dimples Designs "The True Heart Cockle (Granbury Stitchaway 2000" if you happen to know the location of any "The True Heart Cockle (Granbury Stitchaway 2000" patterns.

    Thank you so much!!

    1. I have seen the Mini Jeweled Scarabs on eBay a couple of time in the past few years; try setting a search so you'll be notified if it comes up again. I got the True Heart Cockle on Etsy last year, but before that I hadn't seen it anywhere; again, set a search and just keep looking. Good luck!

    2. Thank you for the info! I have looked in eBay, but have not set a search. I will have to set a search! I had not thought to look in Etsy. I will have to look there!
      Thank you for answering and trying to help!!