Monday, August 26, 2013

Enjoying the process

I've continued to make progress on my Pretty Little Things box, and am just loving this project! I think a lot of the enjoyment is coming from stitching something without a strict pattern; I'm having a lot of fun choosing which items to stitch and where to stitch them. I even created a pair of earrings, because none of the charted designs would fit in the space I had remaining.

Also, once the larger designs have been stitched, I'm going back and adding some bling to fill in some empty spaces. Here is an example of that:

I had some crystals and beads in the upper left corner, but they snagged on my Qsnaps when I moved them, so I'll go back and add them later.

So far, I have two panels completed, and I have two more outlined and ready to stitch. Then I just need one more of the larger panels; it's looking pretty likely that I'll get this done before I need to start another model for Karen. Here are some more progress pics:

Oh, and speaking of models for Karen, here is one that I stitched that has just been released, called "Crosses of the Kingdom":

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. fun piece you're stitching...and the crosses piece is stunning!

  2. I have seen you working on this on the Facebook Group can't wait to see more I love the idea!

  3. Nice progress.
    And very nice job on the Rosewood Manor piece.

  4. How nice to be stitching a custom project just for yourself!

  5. Those with the shoes are awesome! You're one master stitcher.