Monday, September 30, 2013

Snow Queen got a little love

A couple of weeks ago I went up to The Stitching Bee for the first meeting of the stitch group I joined. I decided to take my Nora Corbett Snow Queen WIP with me, because the model I'm working on for Karen is a secret. I can't believe that I started this four years ago already! It seems like once a piece goes into the Bucket o'WIPs, it is doomed to stay there for all eternity!!

However, this little gem has now been rescued, and is small enough that I should be able to finish it this year, even if I only work on it a little bit at a time. Here is what it looked like upon its release from the Bucket:

And here it is after a bit of love:

Okay, so it's hard to see much of a difference, but it's there!

Speaking of The Bee, Kendra is having her annual Door County stitching retreat the weekend of November 8-10; this will be her 10th year, and promises to be loads of fun. This will be my third time attending, and this time I'm bringing my mom along, so it should be even more fun for me than usual. My mom and I laugh like loons when we get together, though I suppose we'll have to try to tone it down a bit so we don't scare anyone!

For now I am off to work on the model; hope everyone has a great stitchy week!