Monday, October 28, 2013

A new start

This past Saturday I finished the model I've been working on, which means I have a bit of free time until the next model arrives. To make the most of it, I immediately started Nora Corbett's Faerie Autumn Glow, on a piece of SMF Moon Princess Belfast (my last piece, unfortunately!):

I'm hoping she'll be a fast stitch, so I can finish her before I need to start another model. Then I'll just have Faerie Summer Love to stitch in order to have all four seasonal fairies completed. Autumn is definitely my favorite in the set!

I thought I'd also post another picture of Snow Queen, this time with the two additional treasures attached (they arrived the day after my last post):

And here's a cute picture of Gracie, demonstrating the claim that "If it fits, it ships":

Now it's off to the post office to mail the model, then down to my craft room to stitch and watch season 2 of Person of Interest on DVD. Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Gorgeous new start! I love the fabric.

  2. I love your Gracie, she is so beautiful. Fantastic start.

  3. Oh, that's going to be gorgoeus!
    That fabric is perfect for it.
    Gracie is too cute.

  4. I am happy you were able to tame the SQ. Such a sweet cat there! Emerald eyes & all.