Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Nan SAL for June

I didn't start stitching this month's JN piece until the 25th, because I had a couple of other pieces that I wanted to finish (Gigi and part one of Halloween Town are done, and will be posted later this week). I thought about stitching one of Nan's WhimZi designs, because they are small enough that I could have stitched AND finished it in time for this post, but ultimately decided to stitch Miss Kitty's Pin Cube. This is a fairly new chart, and I just really like it; it has pretty colors, and is finished into a cute little pin cube.

I was able to get all of the stitching done, except for a series of backstitched border lines that will be used in assembling the cube:

I'll be stitching the border lines tomorrow, but might wait to start the actual finishing; it will just depend on how adventurous I'm feeling!

For more entries in the JN SAL, check back here in a couple of days, and hopefully more links will be available.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. That's a beautiful pin cube and lovely fabric too. Well done! :)

  2. I look forward to see the finish.
    It is beautiful.

  3. Too cute.
    Love the fabric, can't wait to see it put together.

  4. OHHHH I love it!!! I have bought this one but haven't started stitching it ....YET! hehe I hope to soon. I look forward to seeing yours finished!