Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eight down, one to go

Blocks in the Frosty Forest series, that is. Last week I finally got around to stitching Snowy Reindeer:

As you can see, Gracie was less than impressed that I've been able to keep up with this entire series! I forgot to take a close-up picture of this block, so you can't really see that I made the nose on one of the reindeer red; I'll have to take a close-up of each block once it's back in the Q-snaps. The final chart should be arriving at my LNS this week, but it might have to wait for a bit to be stitched.

Judy Odell, the finishing wizard, has un-retired, and I'm currently doing some stitching for her. I can't talk about it yet, except to say that I will be the happy recipient of another gorgeous finished project when I am done. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as Judy gives me the go-ahead.

After I finished Snowy Reindeer and before Judy's project arrived, I spent a few days working on Lizzie*Kate's Tingles, as the last three charts came in last week. Here is a picture of eight of the twelve designs, stitched on PTP's Cauldron Belfast:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Looking great! I especially like Tingles

  2. Wow wonderful.
    Beautiful colors.
    I adore to use q.snap.

  3. Congrats on the wonderful finishes Melanie. I love the tingles.


  4. Great stitching as usual. It must feel good to keep up with a project. Only one more block and then we're waiting for your happy dance!

  5. I wish I had kept up with Frosty Forest. Yours looks gorgeous. Tingles is very pretty too.

  6. Oooh Melanie... tus bordados son maravillosos!! Me encantan los colores.
    Besos desde Granada.

  7. They look great! I really like Tingles. Must add that to the wishlist.

  8. FF is looking great, and so are the Tingles.
    Good luck with your new project.

  9. Love the fabrics you are using for both projects!

  10. i love both of those, your fabric choices are beautiful!