Monday, November 17, 2014

More Progress...

... on Witches Hollow by The Primitve Needle:

I'm hoping to finish up the second "line" this week; then I'll be about 2/5 finished. :)

Stitching will slow down around Thanksgiving, as I can't spend as much time in my craft room when there's cleaning, cooking and visiting to be done. I've got a small project kitted up that I can work on in the kitchen while my mom is here (hi Mom!!).

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I just love this design and am really happy that I've found the chart for it beginning of this year (and not too expensive as well)!
    As I can't immediately start (have a WIP I need to finish for someone and other projects that need some attention as well) it's great to see your progress and enjoy the creation of a beautifull piece this way!
    Those colours really pop on that "stormy" grey! ;-)
    Kind greetings,

  2. Melanie me encantan tus bordados!!!
    Este está fantástico. Te felicito.
    Besos y feliz fin de semana.