Monday, May 4, 2015

A finish, a WIP and a trip...

...oh my!

I finished up Day Nymph last week, and just love how the entire piece turned out! From conception (3/16/15):

To completion (4/28/15):

The fabric is called Darkness Falls, on opal Belfast; Leslie at Under The Sea Fabrics created it for me just for this piece, but liked it so much that she added it to her regular line. It is a gorgeous fabric!

Here is Night Nymph:

And Day Nymph, in her sunrise-colored dress:

My wonderful husband got me a gift certificate for our 24th wedding anniversary to get some framing done, and I think I'll take Charlotte and the Nymphs (sounds like a singing group!) in when I get back from Italy.

For my next project, I pulled Mirabilia's Titania from the Bucket o'WIPs, where she has been residing for 10+ years. She had the misfortune to be started on the recommended fabric, as this was right before I discovered hand-dyed fabrics, and I just have a hard time working on such a bland color. However, she is much too pretty to never finish, so finish her I shall!

Here is where I left off many years ago:

And here she is as of yesterday:

Mostly I've just added the back stitching and beads, and worked a bit on the ribbons. She has such a beautiful face:

I've always thought that Titania, Midsummer Night's Fairy and Adia have three of the prettiest Mirabilia faces.

This will probably be my last post until the later part of May, as I leave for The Primitive Hare stitching retreat in Italy this coming Sunday. I'm due home on the 20th, and I imagine it will take a bit of time to get back in the swing of things here at home. Hopefully, I'll have lots of beautiful pictures to share in my next post.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week (and month!); arrivederci!


  1. Absolutely wonderful great stitching.
    Very original.
    I m very happy that you will visit my country.
    Do you go to the Expo in Milan?
    i wish you a very good trip. Ciao Giovanna

  2. Beautiful stitching Melanie. Have a great trip.


  3. Have fun on your trip - hope to see some Italian shots on facebook!

  4. Gorgeous stitching!
    Have fun on the trip.

  5. capolavori, sei bravissima

  6. Titania is too pretty to not finish.
    Have a safe trip and a fantastic time!
    Have fun stash shopping too. :)

  7. Beautiful stitching! I wish I could stitch as fast as you:) Have fun on your retreat:)

  8. always happy to see updates on your stitching. Love the nymphes, they are on my whislist. Looking forward to see your framed pieces.

  9. Hello! I have stumbled across your lovely stitching blog and have enjoyed scrolling through your projects. They are all so beautiful! I have just begun my first Mira, Feather Fairy and am so enjoying the process. Thank you for sharing your work here! Elizabeth