Monday, May 16, 2016

Back to Blossom

Fittingly enough for spring in Wisconsin (finally, maybe...), I'm back to work on Nora Corbett's Blossom Collector. She just needs her legs, some more "swirls" and a bunch of bugle beads:

As charted there are two colors of bugle beads, red and root beer; I really love the red, but not so much the root beer. So, just in time for the finish, I received an order from 123Stitch today with four different colors of beads that I can play around with:

I'm hoping to have her finished up by the end of this coming weekend, so stay tuned to see which colors win out.

Today I also received a package from Polstitches, with two of the new Bothy Threads kits:

I really like that when you order these from Polstitches you can get fabric other than Aida. I got opal Lugana in both of these, though they mistakenly put non-opal in the Fairy Glade kit. Fortunately, as soon as I told them about it, they told me to keep this piece and they would put another piece in the mail right away; great customer service! Aren't the dandelions in Fairy Glade just adorable?

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Very pretty project you're stitching! And I love the Bothy Threads kits! Looking forward to seeing the progress on those.

  2. Just checked out the Bothy Threads over at Polstitches, will work out the exchange rate and might treat myself :). I love your stitching!!

  3. Blossom Collector looks so pretty on that fabric! I love both of your new projects. I didn't realise you could have any fabric if you ordered from Polstitches. It's very tempting!

  4. Blossom is so pretty.
    The Bothy kits are gorgeous!
    I hope you are feeling better.

  5. Beautiful work on Blossom and great kits!

  6. I just got Mad Hatter's Tea Party - love it!! Be careful of the sticky strip on the packaging - it can rip the pattern - DOH

  7. Fairy is so beautiful. .. I love her colours. Your are doing a great work.
    I also adore your shopping I often use polstitches fabrics.

  8. Beautiful progress I love the new charts especially the mermaid