Monday, November 7, 2016

Two stitch alongs

Last Friday saw the release of part 5 of the Tempting Tangles Welcome SAL, and part 3 of the Ship's Manor Beautiful Sea SAL, so I spent a couple of days getting caught up. Both of them have a bit more charted than I have stitched, but I'm waiting for the next parts before I stitch those areas.

Here is Welcome:

And here is Beautiful Sea:

I'm playing with the colors on both of these designs, so it's fun to see what each new part looks like and then choose my own version. I can't believe I'm now keeping up with two SALS!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Both are looking lovely! Good for you on keeping up with both of these SALs!

  2. Both of your SALs are beautiful! Keep up the pace, lol!

  3. Beautiful progresses
    Colors are very beautiful

  4. Your SAL piece is looking good. Your JN Christmas pieces are lovely. Do you store them in organza bags?

    1. The little WhimZi frames come with those bags, so I keep the ornaments in them when they're not being displayed.

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