Monday, January 20, 2020

Big sigh of relief!

Last Friday I put the final stitches into the last of three models for Tempting Tangles and sent them off to Deb; I feel so much lighter now! They were Quakers in England, Quakers in Japan and Quakers in Scotland. I've already shared the final photo of England, while the Japan SAL is currently halfway completed:

The Scotland SAL will begin in March, and sign up info can be found here. Here is the first snippet of that design:

I haven't spent much time on my own stitching for a long while, though I am still keeping up with the Carolyn Manning Daily Temperature SAL, which now looks like this:

And I spent the weekend working on a Nora Corbett design, which I have sorely missed. This is Luce Mia before the weekend:

And as of last night:

The fabric is an orphan from Ship's Manor, and I love that it looks like underwater foliage. I have a similar piece in a different colorway that I'll probably use for another little mermaid. I plan to work on this one this week, with the hopes of being able to finish her this coming weekend, then I will need to decide if I should start a Mirabilia model or one for Rosewood Manor.

On the non-stitchy front we are still getting used to having Roxie in our home, and I am feeling a bit better about the training issues. We seem to be getting into more of a routine, and she has started to whine when she wants to go outside which is a big improvement, though I still don't trust her when she is alone. Luckily, in our house she's not often alone! She's also getting used to spending some time in my craft room so I have been able to get more stitching done, and she's already able to climb the steps back up to the main level much more easily than she used to. She has lost just over half a pound in the first two and a half weeks, so we are on the right path!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. The Quakers are lovely, it's nice to be able to share your stitching now.
    You've made loads of progress on the Mermaid, the fabric is beautiful.

  2. The SAL's are all so pretty, and your Temp SAL is coming along, love the colors so far.
    Beautiful Mermaid, and that fabric!
    Sounds like Roxie is on the right track & that she is trying, hope she continues to improve her health.

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  4. The Quaker's look stunning. I might need to get the Japan one :)

  5. Oooh, I love the dragon in there!
    Your mermaid is coming along beautifully, the fabric is perfect.