Monday, May 29, 2023

Enjoying all the water birds while I work on Seaside Tiny Town

The weather in Wisconsin has finally gotten really nice and I've been enjoying walking every day; I've started to carry my phone with me because there is a pond along my route that has a lot of birds, and after I missed getting a photo of a snowy egret I decided I'd better be more prepared in future. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the egret again, but I've seen more pelicans a few times:

I've seen one Great Blue Heron:

Ducks and Canadian geese with their babies:

There's also a hawk right past the pond:

And I saw some Sandhill cranes a couple of months ago in a different location:

We've lived here for more than 20 years now, and this is the first I'm seeing some of these birds; there are newer water retention ponds in the area now, so that must be what is attracting some of them. I really look forward to getting to the pond every morning to see which birds are hanging around that day.

The weather has been so nice that yesterday I sat on our patio and stitched for a few hours and was able to almost finish the Seaside frill (which has an egret!) that I'm adding to the Seaside Tiny Town:

I've haven't felt much urge to stitch lately, so this Tiny Town is taking longer to finish than I thought it would; I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this week. Once it's finished, I'll probably start on one of the next two Polar Plunge charts which finally arrived this past Saturday:

I'm still waiting for the second part of Quilting A-Bee-Cs by Erica Michaels to arrive at 123Stitch so I can get it ordered, and I'll probably work on that after the Polar Plunge designs are stitched.

I also took the plunge into needlepoint and bought a painted canvas after I saw this photo on Facebook:

It's going to require some time to decide what threads to use and figure out how the stitching works so I don't know when I'll actually start this, but I just thought it was such a beautiful design that I had to get it!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. The Rock River is behind our house, so we see a lot of Pelicans & the same birds you are showing.
    The river flows to the Horicon Marsh.
    Aren't those birds fascinating to see? We enjoy watching them.
    Great progress on the Town, & that canvas is gorgeous!

    1. I am really enjoying seeing so many "new" birds in our neighborhood--I imagine you see a lot more where you are!

  2. Hello Melanie: The weather here in Minnesota is about the same as Wisconsin, thank you for sharing the photos of the birds, I am a bird watcher and feed all I can, we have many feeders in the back yard.
    I like the Tiny Town you are so close to the finish.
    Polar Plunge are cute designs, the needlepoint design is beautiful, i have never done needlepoint.
    Have a great day.


    1. I'm not an official bird watcher but I do love hearing and seeing them on my walks. We have feeders in our yard as well, and just a week ago I saw an Indigo Bunting for the first time; my sweet husband came and got me from the basement to see it because he knew I'd love it!

  3. Beautiful photos. I've always loved birds.
    Tiny town is going to have to go on my wishlist. Love it!
    Enjoy picking out the beautiful threads.

    1. Thanks Katie, hope you enjoy the Tiny Town when you get it!

  4. All these birds you get to meet must taking a walk really exciting! Your stitching is lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the new Polar Plunge designs stitched up and a start on that needlepoint!

    1. It is exciting--I love coming around the corner where the pond comes into view and seeing which birds are there each day. :)