Monday, June 5, 2023

Tiny Town number 7 is done!

We had a beautiful day here in Wisconsin yesterday, so I sat out on the patio and spent a few hours finishing Seaside Tiny Town. I added the Seaside Frill to the center (the little parade figures), and I think it is just as cute as can be:

I had to take a picture outside because I thought it was funny that the floss colors were so similar to my patio furniture:

This was stitched using the recommended CCW and WDW threads on PTP Wren Newcastle linen; I would have to say that it is my current favorite of the Tiny Towns so far. I think I'll wait until the Any Town Tiny Town comes out in July, stitch that one up and then send the three latest releases to the finisher.

Speaking of the Any Town Tiny Town, I've been working on charting my LNS to replace the shop that is in the chart and I think I'm ready to start a test stitch today; this is what I've come up with so far:

I have a couple of blues to try for the siding, and a couple of grays for the roof, and I need to pull some greens for the plants but I'm pretty happy with the general appearance. I've also been working on the flower shop, though it might still get some tweaks before I sit down to stitch it:

I'm also planning to get to work on the next three Polar Plunge charts later this week; the N is for Narwhal chart will be released as a pdf in just about 19 minutes from now, and it will probably be the first one I stitch:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I just had to add that tiny town to my wishlist. The nautical elements just need to be stitched. Too cute. Great changes to the patterns. I'm not good at that stuff at all. The new narwhal chart is adorable. Enjoy stitching it up.

    1. Thanks Katie; you'll enjoy stitching Seaside Tiny Town!

  2. Cute Tiny Town finish.
    I love how you are adding The Bee to your next town, so cool, it looks great!
    That HOD series is too cute.

  3. Seaside Tiny Town is adorable, and your charting for Any Town looks great!