Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Give your mom a hug!

For once, I don't have any stitching pictures to share, quelle horreur! Except for a small Mill Hill beaded ornament that I took to the laundromat with me, all of my stitching time has gone to a model that I've had in my possession since last October. That is when my life took a bit of a turn, and it has taken six months to get back to what feels like normal.

Last September, the day after her birthday, my mom ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. I won't go into details, except to say that after she had to be intubated, the doctor told me she had a 50/50 chance of getting through it. But get through it she did; two weeks in ICU, another three in a rehab hospital and then she came to live with us. And just last week she was able to move into her own apartment, only 10 miles from our house (instead of 170 miles away like her house was). Here is a pic of Mom and her Sadie, not too long after she came to stay with us:

When Mom moved in here, so did her four cats and Sadie; added to our four cats and dog, it made for quite a menagerie. Here is a pic of what critter dinner time looks like in our household (there are seven kitties in the pic, and Sadie's eyes are glowing at the end of the counter!):

Mom can only have two pets in her new apartment, so she took her dog and one kitty; as I now have seven cats, I think I qualify as an official Crazy Cat Lady!

So now that my life has pretty much returned to its "new normal"; I'm hoping to really buckle down and get this model finished. Karen was kind enough to send me a project that she had no immediate need to have returned, but now I just really want to get it done. And then it is time to slay another WIP! ;)


  1. There's nothing wrong with crazy cat ladies! Until recently I had five. I love being buried under a kittie pile on my couch.

    Hugs to your mom, and congrats to her on her new place.

  2. I gave you a Liebster Award on my blog :)

  3. Happy to know your Mum is well! Please share some other pics of your cats I love them!

    1. Ask and you shall receive; just posted some pics, with plenty more to choose from in the future! Thanks for asking!