Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Doomed...

...DOOMED, I tell you! Nora Corbett released two new Pixies today, and I love them both! Here is Tulip:
And, my favorite of the two, Maidenhair:

And as if wanting to start these wasn't bad enough, there is a new Passione Ricamo design being released (which is already in the mail to me!) that is really calling to me, as well. It is called Medieval Enchantment, and I just love the rich colors:

Back when I stitched Laura's Poinsettia Fay design, I submitted the finished photo to her Stitchers' Gallery, and in the note I mentioned that I would love to see one of her larger designs with a similar combination of reds and blues; looks like I will finally get my wish! Here is Poinsettia Fay, just to give an idea of how pretty the colors look together:

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I cannot get my WIP pile any smaller! Oh, woe is me...  ;)


  1. Lol I love these new Miras too :D Soooooo when you gonna start them?! roflol My wips just keep on growing too :D

  2. Andie, I'm still working on a model for Rosewood Manor, and I've volunteered to stitch Silver Moon Tea for Mel, so I HAVE to resist these for a while! I guess I'll have to watch your starts! ;)

  3. Ah, yes. We are all doomed! Such is the burden of a true stitcher. Don't feel bad, you're in pretty good company.