Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This post is for Valentina, and all the other cat lovers out there!

Valentina recently left a comment on one of my posts, asking for more pics of my cats. Of course, as any proud fur-mommy would do, I am happy to share more pics; the only problem is choosing which ones! I have hundreds of pics on my computer, so I'll just throw some out that I love the best. :)

The first one is the only picture of all four of my "original" cats (those I had before my mom "gave" me three more); this is as close as they ever get to each other. Clockwise from top left they are Maxie, Tailor, Gracie and Callie (who has the cutest brown spots on her little pink paw pads!):
This is Maxie, hanging out in her favorite spot on a sunny day:

Here is Tailor, taking over the dog's bed and toys:

Gracie, who likes to lay in the sink after dishes have been done, as it stays warm for a while:

Callie is my youngest, so she's usually pretty active, but she really knows how to sleep when she's ready! (Those are Maxie's ears behind Callie):

The three cats that my mom left with me when she moved into her apartment are named Mei-Ling, Keishu and Sabrina. Mom actually only got Sabrina about two weeks before she (my mom) ended up in the hospital, so Sabrina has been my cat for longer than she was my mom's. She is almost 13 years old, and the woman who owned her was getting rid of her because her boyfriend was "allergic"; she would have had no chance at a shelter! She is the only long-haired cat that I've had:

Here she is with me, just so you can get an idea of her size:

And here are Keishu and Mei-Ling, in a pic taken when they still lived with my mom:

Wow, I have a LOT of critter pics to choose from! This has been a nice introduction, though, so I'll stop for now. I'm definitely going to have to post some more in the future! But for now, my fur-babies and I will say "Goodbye, and happy stitching!"


  1. Your cats are beautiful I especially love Mei-Ling. That is my good friends name. Thanks for sharing your babies:)

  2. What a lovely little feline family.

  3. Just a little note from Melanie's mom: Honey, it's Mai-Ling, not Mei-Ling. LOL I'm forever grateful to you for being my wonderful, STELLAR daughter! I could never repay you for all you have done. :) Love, Mom

  4. Hey there - I'm a new follower :)

    Your fur-babies are soooooooo cute!

    Love your stitching :)

    1. Love all the kitty pics!

      I have four myself, and my favorite thing in the world is being buried under a kitty pile. purrrrr

  5. Thank you so much Melanie!!!!!!! All your kitties are adorable! I have a thing for big cats so Sabrina is my favourite, such a cute all lady!