Monday, April 30, 2012

KO'd by the Flu!

I have just spent the past four days either sleeping in the recliner (during the days) or in the bed (at night). I had so little energy that I didn't even feel like thinking about stitching, which will give other stitchers a good idea of how sick I was. I feel more like myself this morning, but I just keep looking around at all the cleaning up that needs to be done and getting tired again! My sweet husband, Bob, took care of all the stuff that had to get done this past weekend, but there is still a lot to do. So it will probably be another couple of days before I pick up my needle again. :(

On the positive side, I've recently won some goodies, which has helped me keep my stash buying to a minimum. First was Cherries Jubilee, by Glendon Place, which I won in a bingo game at The Stitcher's Village:
Then, CherryWood Design Studio was having a giveaway on Facebook, and I said that I would love to stitch their chart "Moo" and make it into a scissor fob, because that design always makes me smile when I see it. So, they sent me "Moo", and, an added bonus "Merry", which I plan to make into an ornament:

As part of the Online Needlework Show, Ship's Manor also had a giveaway on FB, and from Erik's designs I chose "Dance of the Butterflies", which I should be getting this week:

Now I just have to make myself get some housework done, and then finally get some time to work on some of these beauties!


  1. Flu sucks! Hope you're feeling better.

    Congrats on all the giveaways!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Congratulations on the wins.