Sunday, May 6, 2012

I miss Sugar Maple Fabrics!

A few days ago, over on Facebook in the Mirabilia group, I had mentioned my stash of Sugar Maple Fabrics. Just for fun, I took some pictures and posted them, and suddenly I got seven new "friend" requests! ;D

Taking them all out of their boxes and looking at all of the gorgeous colors really made me miss SMF; Mindy (the owner) was truly an artist with fabric and paint/dyes. Some of her pieces were pretty enough to frame without stitching anything on them!

Here are the pics I took; the first shows my "treasure chests":
This one shows my fat halves and fat eighths:

And then three pics of my fat quarters:

I've shared this pic before; it is Mirabilia's Charlotte, started on SMF Shimmering Nightshade, which is one of my absolute favorites:

It was a sad day (for me, at least!) when SMF closed down. I guess I'll just have to appreciate the pieces I have, and find just the right design for each one! :)


  1. Holy Moly! Lots of lovely fabric, and Charlotte is STUNNING on that fabric! Great choice.

  2. Wow! Stunning collection.

  3. Will you please adopt me and leave me your SMF stash in your will? I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind. ;-)