Friday, May 11, 2012

Got my groove back!

This past week has been the best stitchy week that I've had since before my mom got sick last September. It probably helps that I bought the first three seasons of "Mad Men" on DVD; I stick in a disc and then stitch like crazy while immersing myself in the 60s. I have to say, apparently people had sex pretty much all the time and in every possible place back in the 60s; who knew?! Of course, it might have had something to do with all that alcohol they consumed! ;D

Unfortunately, I have no WIP pics to share, as I have been spending all my stitching time on a model. So instead, I'll share a pic of the prize I won from Cross Stitch Collection for having my "Lady Alexandra" picture and letter published in issue 209:

They sent 28 skeins of Anchor variegated floss, and I already have the perfect project to use them for. My wonderful husband gave me an iPad for an anniversary (21 years!)/Mother's Day gift, so I bought a stitchable case for it:

 My plan is to use Ute Senkel Weinberg's "My Hearts" chart to stitch a few of the hearts using the variegated flosses, and then fill in the background with black floss. Hopefully, it will end up looking similar to this:

But first, I really want to get this model done. So, off to the craft room I go; hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. I am currently watching Mad Men on DVD also. I am up episode 11 of Season 4. Yesterday was a perfect stitching MM marathon for me LOL

    1. Isn't it an awesome show?! I'm part way through Season 3, and was so excited when I realized that there were 4 seasons on DVD so far. I'm already dreading being done with them! ;D

  2. Congratulations on the win, Melanie. You certainly deserve the prize. Your Lady A. is just gorgeous. Look forward to seeing you WiP.


  3. I wish you success with your stitching.