Tuesday, May 29, 2012

50 WIP Witnesses!

Just last night I remarked to my husband that I now had 49 followers on my blog, and that I wanted 50, since that was a nice, round number. So this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that another wonderful person had joined; I am so excited! It is just such a joy to be able to share my obsession with people who understand it so well. :)

In honor of reaching that 50, I have decided to have a give-away! I have chosen 10 stitchy goodies to give away, which I will mail anywhere in the world. Here is how it will work: I will post pictures below of each item. Please choose the one item that you would most like to win, and leave a comment with your choice on this post. If more than one person chooses an item, all the names for that item will be placed in a bag, and my son will draw one winner. All comments must be left by 8pm Central DST (this post is being published at approximately 5:30pm in my time zone, just to give a reference) , this coming Saturday, June 2. I will post the winners on June 3; I won't ask for emails when you comment, so you will need to check back here to see if you are a winner, then email me at rrowe"at"new.rr.com (though using the @ in place of "at"). ;)

Phew! I think that covers it, but please let me know if you have any questions. Now for the pictures!

This first picture actually shows two of the prizes; there are two bundles of 14 skeins of DMC Color Variations cotton floss, so two people have the chance to win one bundle each. There are 14 different colors, and each bundle has the same colors:

Next is a small Dimensions kit, Monogram Elegance, which includes 18ct Aida, floss, needle and instructions:

Then there is this adorable Sue Hillis chart, Happy Birth*Day For Girls. Sue actually had a contest on the 123Stitch MB, asking for names for baby samplers, and she chose my niece's name for this one!

Here is Lizzie*Kate's ABC Halloween chart; it originally came as a kit, but I am giving away the chart only:

As I am a pretty big L*K fan, I also have the chart "Cat Lessons For People" to give away:

And another kitty design, as well (remember, I have 7 cats, so it only makes sense that I have a lot of cat charts!); this one is Brittercup Designs Britty Kitties III, with charms included:

Not to totally ignore the dog lovers, I am also giving away X's & Oh's Puppies!. I ended up with two of these, because I bought one, and then won one; I had to have it because I once had the cutest Samoyed pup!

I also ended up with two of Bent Creek's Quaker Moon, but this time only through my own stashaholism; this comes with the button used in the design:

Finally, in case none of these charts appeal to you, I'm giving away a 13" x 18" of Silkweaver's Poltergeist on 32ct opal Lugana. It's hard to get a good pic of this, but IRL it is a light mauve-y/gray color:

I hope everyone can find something they like. I so appreciate the comments I"ve received, and hope you'll all stick around for a time to come!


  1. Wow Melanie, very generous of you, and I'm glad you got to 50 so quickly, well done :)
    I have more charts than I will ever be able to do in my lifetime, but fabric is a rarity where I live as there isn't a single LNS around! Anyway, all that to say, I would love to be entered for the fabric.
    Thanks and happy stitching!

  2. Hey Melanie -love the name of your blog....and I joined as a follower. What a great give-away, I would love the chart Quaker Moon! I love your Lizzie-Kate Halloween Rules.

  3. Congrats on the 50 followers! What a fun giveaway! They're isn't any DMC variated floss where I shop, so I would love to be entered for the floss.

    Thank you!

  4. Wahooo!!! Congratulations on reaching 50 followers!!! :D

  5. What a great giveaway, I would love to be included in the draw for the Lizzie Kate halloween :)

  6. Congratulations on your milestone, Melanie!

    Since I don't have any variegated DMC in my stash, I'd love to toss my hat in. Very generous of you!

    I'm not too terribly far from 50 myself. I think I'll probably have a giveaway then, too.


  7. Congratulations on your followers! I read you in my Google Reader...I don't know if that counts toward your number?

    Please enter me in for the fabric!! I would love to stitch something on that!


  8. Wow! Yummy giveaway! So hard to choose my fav. Well, okay, sign me up for the fabric please ^.^ Thank you so much!


  9. Congrats on 50 followers!!! I just got 90 the other day, I should really do a give away!!!

    Anyhoo I'd love to be entered for the Quaker moon chart!


  10. Melanie I love your blog! I am so happy to see you have 50 readers! Thank you for the give away. I would love to be entered to win the floss! xoxo

  11. Congrats on 50+ followers! Please count me in for Monogram Elegance.

  12. Hi Melanie
    Found you live fairly close. Enjoy your blog LOVE cats, cross stitch and kids all the best things. Put me in for the Lizzie and Kate Halloween chart love more of your items but if only one then that is it. Would like to try the fabric as I just do not have places to see fabric close to me. Also love both cat charts. Thanks for the give-away. Bonnie

  13. Love your blog. I would be interested in the Xs and Os Puppies design.

  14. congratulations on 50! i have 24 LOL i love looking at your finishes! anyway.. would love the Bent Creek, Happy Birthday, fabric, or any of the flosses! can you tell i'm far from any needle shop?

  15. Congrats on the 50 followers, I am not far from there myself. I would love to be considered for either the floss or the fabric