Monday, May 28, 2012

Halloween RULES!!

Finally finished Lizzie* Kate's Halloween Rules, and I am loving it! In fact, I have already taken it to the framer, so I should have it back before the new L*K mystery sampler starts at the end of June. It is stitched on PTP Haunted Edinburgh, and it will be straight in the frame! ;D

Here are some close-ups of the various sections:

The panels "Scare a Crow" through "Mind Your Mummy" were stitched during the two weeks I sat by my mom's bedside in ICU last fall, not knowing whether she was going to pull through, or not. Luckily, she did get through it, and is now back in health and living in the same town as me. So while it was harder to work on the end of this one, because of the memories it brings back, this finish truly is worthy of a Happy Dance!

Not to mention, I have now slain another WIP with my silver needle!! ;D


  1. it looks fabulous! i love this design, and i have everything for it...if i ever decide to start!!!!

  2. Yays! Congratulations on the stunning finish. The fabric really is perfect for it. Looking forward to seeing it framed.


  3. A great finish! And the fabric is just perfect for it, even the name suits it!

  4. What a super finish!!! I love the linen choice!