Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lizzie*Kate Very Scary, part 1: SPOILER PIC!

I just put the final stitches in part one of the new Lizzie*Kate mystery sampler, Very Scary. There is going to be a pic further down in this post, so stop reading now if you don't want to ruin the surprise for yourself.

My LNS, The Stitching Bee in Green Bay, WI, got this in on Thursday, so I went and started it there right away. Kendra was having a stitch group from 6-9pm, so I was able to work on it from about 2-9pm--woo hoo! I spent yesterday and today with it, as well, and finished it up this evening.

To make sure that my pic doesn't show up as a spoiler in a thumbnail from my blog, I'm posting the pic that advertised the mystery:

And here is my pic of the finished first part:

I do really like the design, but not loving the WDW Tin Roof linen. I seriously think I'll end up stitching this again, probably on PTP's Cauldron linen.

Phew, finished it up just in time; the chart for part one of the Passione Ricamo SAL showed up in an email about an hour ago. So many great designs to stitch, so little time!


  1. Ok that is seriously cute! And it doesn't look too complicated... Very nice!

  2. Very cute finish, Mel. I especially love that little owl in the witch's hat.


  3. I like the acorns the best! Thanks for being so thoughtful with the spoiler alert and posting the other pic first. I didn't look at it a few days ago, but finally looked today. I haven't gotten my chart and fabric and floss in the mail yet, maybe next week!

  4. It turned out great! I haven't picked it up since stitch group last week. I'm hoping to get to it again next week. I really like it! I can't wait to get back to it now that I've seen yours.

  5. I love the Stitching Bee and Kendra is awesome. After I saw your spoiler, I decided I needed to get the pattern. I was at The Bee the day she was packing them up. Should have gotten it then. Check out me blog:

  6. Thank you for the spoiler alert. I did want to see it though. I am stitching it myself and messed up a bit so I wanted to see what yours turned out to look like. Mine is still going to turn out. shhhoooo.