Thursday, June 21, 2012

Major HD...

...but I can't share a pic!! :( I finally finished the model for Karen, and it is winging it's way back to her as I type. It sounds like it won't be released until next year, so I will just have to wait a good, long while to share.

Luckily, my next model can be shared! I am stitching Mirabilia's Silver Moon Tea for Mel Munsell of Colours of the Outback, which is her fabric dyeing company. Mel is currently in the process of getting a website put up, but for now you can see and order her beautiful fabrics on her blog. She also has a group on Facebook, and we'd love to see you there. :)

Here is my start on Silver Moon Tea, being stitched on a color called Rosey Glow on 28ct opal Lugana:

I can't wait to get more done and see this one come to life; the colors are just so pretty!

And while I stitch, my faithful stitching buddies keep me company; here are Mai Ling and Keishu, in the chair behind mine:

These two belonged to my mom, before she moved into an apartment that had a pet limit, so my other kitties tend to pick on them. So I let them come into the basement with me, and my craft room becomes a wonderful refuge for all three of us!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Such a pretty color of fabric and your kitties are gorgeous! Happy stitching. Abbie - Iowa

  2. Hola querida,

    Soy del grupo de facebook de mirabilia y me ha encantado tu ha gustado mucho el fondo....y tus bordados son preciosos....

  3. You pick just the right colors of fabric great choice can't wait to see the design on the fabric.
    You are so GOOD to take your mother's cats I have one would love to have more. This one has enough energy for me.
    They are so entertaining.
    Keep Stitching

  4. Oh, Melanie, that fabric is PERFECT for Silver Moon Tea! I'm as anxious as you to see it come to life too ^.^ Cute kitties.


  5. Hi Melanie! What a lovely looking chart (and great looking fabric for it!) I'm not really a cat lover but the seeming fondness everyone has for them may slowly convert me :) How nice of you to permanently host your mom's cats!


  6. Your fabric is very pretty for this one.
    Can't wait to see more progress on it.

  7. Hi Melanie, it's Marilyn again.
    I wanted to e-mail you, but I don't see an address.
    I hope you see this message. :)
    I was looking at your gorgeous finishes in your little video, and I would like to know what fabric you used for the Halloween Fairy.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I sent you an email, but please let me know if it doesn't come through. :)

  8. How cute cats! And you are awesome with your needle.