Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Halloween Quilt Sampler WIP

I'm so excited; Karen Kluba, the designer behind Rosewood Manor, has finally released a Halloween design! And it just happens to be the model that I'm working on for her, so I can honestly say that it is a really fun stitch! A picture of the completed piece can be found on Karen's site: Halloween Quilt Sampler.

Since the design has already been released, I asked Karen for permission to post my current WIP pic, and she gave the okay, so here is mine as of yesterday:

Aren't the colors yummy?! And it stitches up pretty quickly; this is after only a couple of weeks of work.

So back to work I go; I'm hoping to have this finished in the first week of August, and then get back to Silver Moon Tea.


  1. It looks great! I love the colors!


  2. So cute, love the cat.