Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Halloween Quilt Sampler update

I was able to finish all of the cross stitching during our trip to Iowa, and have made a start on the backstitching. The black backstitching requires two skeins of floss, so I'm thinking I should have done some of it along the way; too late now! But the backstitching is really going to make the motifs pop:

We had a good trip to Iowa, and my son was able to meet (and re-meet) a lot of our relatives on my side of the family. My cousin's granddaughter, Taylor, was especially taken with Tanner, following him around and declaring that she loved him:

And here's a cute pic I took of a sleeping Tanner from the back seat on our way home:

Trips to see family are fun, but pretty tiring, and it's always good to get back home!


  1. The Sampler is looking good Melanie.
    Can't wait to see it with the backstitching done.
    Cute pics of Tanner and your cousin's grandaughter.

  2. Tanner looks so thrilled with his devoted little follower. ;-)

    The Halloween sampler looks great, and I can't wait to see it with all the backstitching. It'll pop fo sure, just like you said.