Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Excited!!

For the past several years I have been seeing framing work done by an extremely talented artist named Jill Rensel. If you haven't checked out her blog, yet, you should definitely do so: Jill Rensel. As an avid stitcher of Mirabilia designs, seeing other peoples' finishes framed by Jill has been an eye-opener; what starts out as an already beautiful piece truly becomes a work of art with her finishing.

So finally, last month, I took the plunge and sent my seven Mirabilia Holiday Fairies to Jill to work her magic on, and today she sent me pictures of the first two that she has completed. I am over the moon!! Here is Miss Valentine:

And Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy:

It feels like Christmas has come three months early this year! Now I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Christmas Elf, New Year, Easter, and Halloween fairies, as well as my Miss Independence conversion.

Stay tuned, as I will update as soon as I get more pictures! ;D


  1. Wow, they're all gorgeous!
    Gorgeous stitching and framing.

  2. Beautiful. Jill is so wonderful to work with and she's so talented. The frames and mattes truly compliment your beautiful work.

  3. Those are gorgeous! Beautiful work and beautiful framing...they really complement each other. I have a Mirabilia I need framed and after seeing these, I'm contacting Jill, lol!

  4. They look fabulous! Lucky lady. :D

  5. your stitching is beautiful and the framing is awesome

  6. You are so lucky to send all your pieces to Jill Rensel! I can't wait to see the whole wall in your living room covered! As Bernice said, your stitching is beautiful and the framing is awesome!

  7. Wow, theses are absolutely gorgeous. Once again, Jill did an incredible job.


  8. Just perfect!! Every Mirabilia is a beauty by herself, but a Mirabilia framed by Jill Rensel is a real treat!