Friday, November 30, 2012

Wings, bling and bs!

I just put the last stitches into Faerie Winter Dream's dress, so now I just have to finish stitching the wings, add some backstitching and then attach all that glorious bling!

Depending on how much time I get this weekend, I'm hoping to have her finished by the early part of next week. This is actually the part of a project that is the most difficult for me to get through; I'm almost done, but not quite close enough to really push forward and finish. Hopefully I'll get through it, and get more excited once those big wings are done!

I'm starting to get used to the absence of Keishu and Mai Ling in my craft room, especially since my Maxie has taken pity on me and started to hang out with me quite a bit. She usually starts out by sitting on the ottoman next to me, asking to be petted:

After an appropriate amount of petting, she settles down for a rest:

And when she really wants to sleep, she heads for the drawer across from my stitching table, where she settles in for long, cozy naps:

It's impossible to be lonely with such a wonderful companion. ;)

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Faerie is looking good, cant wait to see her with all her bling : ) Cats can make great companions and it looks like Maxie adores you.

    1. Maxie is wonderful! In the first picture of her, she's actually starting to reach up to try to grab my face with her paws, and then she holds onto my head and kisses my forehead. :)

  2. Wow she looks awesome without her bling!

    Cats make fantastic companions!!!

  3. Faerie Winter Dreams is turning out so pretty on that fabric, can't wait to see her with all of her bling!
    Awww, Maxie is taking good care of you. :)
    She probably misses the cats too.

  4. Your Faerie looks beautiful! You really have a great cat! Sleeping in the drawer is funny!