Thursday, June 13, 2013

More cat stitching

I have been making good progress on the model, and am really hoping to have a finish within the next three to four weeks. Unfortunately, this means that I still don't have any new stitching that I can show, except for one piece that I worked on for a while in the airports when I traveled to South Carolina. It is "Tribal Cat" from White Willow Stitching:

Stitched with, of course, black floss on a Silkweaver solo. 

Speaking of black cats, Tailor has been home for a week now, and seems to be doing well (although she's not pleased about being quarantined in the basement!). I'm taking her to our regular vet for some blood work on Monday, as she might have an underlying condition that will show up now that her thyroid should be going back to normal. Here's another picture of my sweet girl:

Speaking of sweet girls, my dog Chloe is usually sweet as can be, but the one thing she hates more than anything is having her nails clipped. My husband and I tried it once, and it was a disaster, so now we have our vet do it, and even he has to muzzle her in order to get it done. I took this picture the last time we had it done, because her snarl is just too cute!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Tribal Cat looks great. Poor Tailor looks scared and Chloe looks scary!

  2. Love your black kitty. Mine get "put away" during the day and spend the day lounging on the bed. I bet that basement isn't so bad!
    Your tribal cat is coming out nicely. I really like your fabric choice.

  3. Your Tribal cat is turning out nice.
    Cute pic of Tailor, and poor Chloe.

  4. Hola querida,

    Bonitas gustó la tela que esta usando en el bordado...y me encantan los gatos son muy ocurrentes.....


  5. I am :( for the kitty and the dog. I wish them both the best. Your stitching is lovely.