Friday, March 28, 2014

March Just Nan SAL

For my March entry in the JN SAL, I stitched up Reindeer Game, and finished it in its WhimZi frame. Here it is before framing:

And framed:

It's amazing what a difference a little frame can make. By the way, can you spot Rudolph?

Here is a picture of the three pieces I've completed for this SAL to date:

I haven't picked a design for April yet; there is a new JN ornament on its way to me as I type, called Lorelei Lamb, and it looks adorable, so that might be the one I stitch next. Stop in next month to find out. ;)

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Lovely finish. I was just wondering where do you get these small frames? Are they part of the kit?

    1. Some of the WhimZi frames came with particular designs, and others were sold by themselves. They don't make them anymore, so you have to find stock left in shops, or find them on eBay.

  2. very cute :) I am a new follower here and i love all your work x

  3. Oh I just LOVE your Reindeer Games Whimzi!!! How in the world I missed out on buying this one I will never know. If you ever want to sell the chart, I would love to have first bids on it please!!! Great JN finishes you have stitched thus far for the SAL.

  4. Yes, I see Rudolph! Great finish!

  5. HI Rudolph! He and his friends all look wonderful. Framing them made such a huge difference!

  6. All three finishes are beautiful! Reindeer Games is just so darn cute, and so is Rudolph with his little beaded nose, right up at the top ;) I wasn't really familiar with JN designs before I joined the SAL, and the Whimzi frames are indeed such a perfect finish - it's really too bad that they're not in production anymore and are so hard to find. Wonderful stitching!

  7. Beautiful finishes. The frames are so pretty too!