Monday, May 19, 2014

Poor Red...

...has been languishing in the closet since my last update. I have worked on three other projects, with more to do on a couple of them before I get back to Red. The first is my piece for the Just Nan SAL this month, which has now been completed and will be posted on the SAL date.

The second is the By the Bay Needleart Mystery SAL, which is now complete through part 2, with part 3 to be posted on Donna's blog this Wednesday. Here is picture as of now:

It looks like part 3 will finish up the regular stitching, then in part 4 Donna will show how to embellish it with specialty stitches; stay tuned for the fun part!

The last project I've been working on is the new Lizzie*Kate Flip-It Halloween design, Tingles. I'll be stitching all 12 designs as one piece; I picked up the first three charts (with six designs) at my LNS last Thursday. I finished the first one on Saturday:

I'm stitching it on PTP's Cauldron on Belfast linen., instead of the suggested fabric; I think PTP has some of the best fabrics for Halloween designs. I'll probably work on this project until I'm done with the charts I already have.

While I was at my LNS, I once again got puppy kisses from shop-dog Bella, and played with her for a while. Here is a cute picture of her with a couple of her toys:

Here's another critter pic; this is Gracie, curled up on my stitching table and letting me know that my Ott light is too bright!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I hope you give Red some loving soon. I miss seeing her. Bella is quite the cutie, love the smile on her face. Congrats on all the progress stitching.

  2. beautiful stitching, and such a cute puppy

  3. Great progress, love the Tingles and fabric, it's perfect.
    Bella is too cute.