Friday, October 24, 2014

As I've said before...

...I LOVE Judy Odell! I have so many goodies, I'm not sure where to start!

 Hmm, maybe with the model I finished for her that took a bite out of my blog-able stitching. It is called Tapestry Sampler, and the colors are just beautiful:

She released it at the Online Needlework Show, along with her Sophia's Rose:

Her pattern contains both the stitching and finishing instructions for this clever stitcher's toolbox. To show the versatility of the finishing instructions, Judy asked me to stitch up another design; I chose a couple of Lizzie*Kate designs, Spooky String and Tingles Spooky, which I showed in a previous post:

Here is the finished toolbox:

Another piece that I sent to Judy was Just Nan's Honeysuckle Rose, which I stitched many years ago and then put in the "finished" bin:

Using her finishing instructions for "Your Grandmother's Pincushion", which she offers for free in her Facebook group, Judy turned it into this:

Another finishing technique Judy showed at the ONS was for a dry-flower vase:

She asked me if I had a finished piece that might work with this finish, so I sent her Passione Ricamo's Poinsettia Fae (again, pulled from the "finished" bin). However, Judy thought it was just too romantic to finish into a vase, so she made me this gorgeous easel instead:

I just love whatever Judy has sent to me; here is a picture of several of my treasures all together:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. You have some lovely pieces stitched up and some wonderfully different ways of finishing them compared to just framing and hanging on a wall! Beautiful! :)

  2. Great stitching and finishing.
    They are all so pretty.

  3. Hola amiga.
    Preciosos bordados.
    Me gustan todos.
    Un beso.