Saturday, June 20, 2015

My pretties are home!

About five minutes after I finished my last blog post, the framer called to tell me that all three of my pieces were ready to be picked up; needless to say, I was at the store 20 minutes later!

Here is Charlotte, in her shimmery lime frame:

The Nymphs were a bit harder to choose for, as the cool tones in Night and warmer tones in Day made it hard to find the right frame, but I think they turned out well:

I liked how the brown and black mottling in the frame mimicked the same colors in the wings.

Since I am seriously running low on available wall space, these two are now hanging in the small hallway outside my bedroom:

I like how they look together, as the Nymphs both have a bit of that bright lime in them.

The third piece I had framed was a painting by Nora Corbett, which was the inspiration behind Mirabilia Designs:

I absolutely love this beautiful piece, both for the artwork and the story behind it.

In more Mirabilia news, Titania is finally done after more than 10 years of gathering dust (well, not really, as she was properly stored away) in the Bucket o'WIPs:

Another one from my original list of WIPs has been slain; I'm on a roll!

When I went to visit my mom, I took one of the Mill Hill Owlet kits with me, so I now have two of these little cuties finished (only four more to go!):

Back to Mirabilia for a moment--have you seen the new release, Raven Queen? I think she is so amazing, and will be starting her as soon as the chart arrives:

The chart should be here later next week, so while I wait I pulled out Bothy Threads Sleeping Beauty to work on until it arrives:

That is one big bundle of black floss!!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. The frames looks great Melanie. I love all of your other projects.


  2. Great frames I especially like nymphs. I saw raven queen and love her! Cool sleeping beauty chart too I hadn't seen that one before

  3. The framed pieces look great.
    What a treasured piece of artwork.
    Titania is so pretty.
    What fabric will you use for Raven Queen?
    Leslie from Under the Sea Fabrics posted some gorgeous suggestions for it on the 123 board.
    Love those Bothy Fairy Tale designs.

  4. Your work is soo stunning, and your wall now looks amazing! You should be really proud of yourself!!

  5. Those are perfect frames for your gorgeous stitching. The lime one is unusual but really works! Well done on finishing Titania and your cute ornaments too.

  6. Absolutely worderful frames great choice
    perfect for these cross stitch embroidery