Monday, June 1, 2015

Still trying to find my stitchy groove

I've been home for almost two weeks now, but I haven't stitched very much during that time. Last night I finally pulled Titania back out, and made some good progress:

I think I could probably have her done within a week or two if I just sit down and get busy. Then I have the fun of deciding what my next project will be!

Marilyn commented on my last post that she was looking forward to the goodies I received/bought on my trip, so I finally got around to taking some pictures; now I just have to squirrel everything away!

Here's a picture of what was in our retreat goody bags:

The wonderful free gifts that Casa Cenina gave to us:

A couple pictures of what I bought at Casa Cenina:

In case you couldn't tell from previous blog posts, I am a major cat person! ;)

Finally, all my Primitive Hare purchases:

Isi had her display up all week, so this was the result of about three separate expeditions. 

I guess I won't have to look far to find my next project!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. love Titania and all your goodies :)

  2. Titania is looking great.
    What great goodies you received and purchased.
    I love those Bothy Silhouettes, they are so cool, good choice.

  3. I love the alice and santoro designs.

  4. I did Titania years and years ago on a dark brown fabric. The little girl I gave her to still has her.

  5. I know it's old, but from last October 9th, the Halloween Town color changes you did - do you have a list of the color threads you switched to? I have the pattern, but like your color selection much better.