Friday, February 5, 2016

Almost time to flip the chart

In another day or two I'll be done with the top half of Gypsy Queen, and I'm still loving every stitch. I'm always glad to be done with the skin on a Mirabilia, because getting that to look smooth involves a lot of fractional stitches. Here she is as of last night:

We had a snow day here this past Tuesday, and here is how I spent it:

While I'm definitely ready for spring, I have to admit that stitching in my craft room with my kitties isn't a bad way to spend a day!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Che meraviglia!!! Bravissima!
    Wonderful!!! Very good!

  2. She is beautiful Melanie. Love the kitty pic.


  3. The details in this piece are lovely. I don't know if I should complain that we have sunny days instead of snow days here. This was the first year I was looking forward to all the snow so I can stay home to stitch and we hardly got any lol

  4. Hi Wow you did a very great work and progresses. She is so beautiful. I also stitched her and tomorrow I will post my wip. Mystery pattern arrived and I'm stitching the underlying part ( a part of dress and I think 2 columns). Happy weekend and many kisses for yours beautiful cats.

  5. Beautiful progress! She's absolutely gorgeous.

  6. You've made great progress and she looks amazing! In the nicest way, I hope you get more snow soon so that you have to spend another day stitching! :)

  7. Wow she's gorgeous and like others have said what great progress you've made!

  8. Great progress!
    It's coming along nicely, and oh, so pretty.
    Love the colors in this one.

  9. She's really pretty. There was one copy left at the LNS I was visiting, and I let a friend have it. But every time I see it (like yours!) I regret it a little bit ;)