Friday, February 19, 2016

Slow week

Had a bit of "stuff" going on this week, and ended up not even picking up my needle for two whole days! I'm hoping to make up for it this weekend, but we'll see how it goes. Here is Gypsy Queen after a bit of love yesterday:

I now have even more incentive to finish her up, because the newest Mirabilia has been released, and The Snow Queen is stunning!

In another little bit of serendipity, I had just received a piece of fabric from HLC Fabrics that I think will be perfect with the design:

I plan to use it as long as the floss toss looks good, although it will be a tighter fit than I usually like, as it will only have about 1.5'" borders along the top and bottom. I'll just have to make it work!

Last Saturday I finally received some bead packs from Canada that I had ordered in January, so I was able to finish up January Garnet from Shannon Christine Designs:

I'll be doing all 12 of the birthstones on a piece of cream/natural Tattersall linen:

I'll leave you with another picture of Gracie sharing HER napping table with me; she is telling me that my Ott light is way too bright!

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. Nice progress Melanie. Love the pic of Gracie.


  2. Beautiful stitching! And that kitty is just too cute!

  3. That fabric is swoon worthy. Snow Queen will look amazing on it.

  4. What a lot of gorgeousness in this post! Gypsy Queen is looking wonderful, your fabric for Snow Queen is perfect and your Garnet Birthstone looks even more stunning now the beads have been added. Really looking forward to seeing progress on all of them! :)

  5. How cute is your furbaby! And she matches your stitching too LOL:) Your stitching looks stunning as usual and that new fabric is to die for!!

  6. Beautiful work and so cute with your cat. :) I hope Snow Queen works on that gorgeous fabric.

  7. Gypsy queen is magnificent
    Congratulations for your great progress
    I'm stitching her and the mystery but when I saw the snow queen I immediately bought her. I like the new design. A kiss for Gracie and happy weekend.

  8. Your Gypsy Queen looks amazing! Beautiful work. I really hope your floss toss goes well for Snow Queen as that fabric is lovely and it looks like the perfect match!

  9. Lovely stitching and adorable kitty :). I LOVE the new Mira!

  10. Gypsy is looking great.
    Love the new Mirabilia and her braid is so pretty.
    Cool fabric!
    Gracie is too cute, I'm glad she shares "her" table with you. :)

  11. Gorgeous stitching! Gypsy Queen looks stunning. I'm loving Snow Queen too, but I have too much in my stash already lol

    1. What is this "too much stash" you speak of? :D

  12. Beautiful, beautiful progress on Gypsy Queen! Oh, how I look forward to seeing your Snow Queen on that gorgeous fabric. It's perfect!

  13. January Garnet is very nice ! I can't wait to see the rest of the gemstones together.
    Gypsy Queen is coming a long super well for you! And I *cannot* wait to see Snow Queen on that fabric! It should be faboo! :)