Thursday, March 31, 2016

One week from now...

...I will be in (or hopefully almost in) Cincinatti, Ohio for the Mirabilia retreat. After attending the first two events, I missed out last year, so I'm looking forward to seeing my Mira friends again.

I've made a start on one of the newest Nora Corbett releases, The Blossom Collector, so I can take it with me to work on during the retreat. The chart photo makes her look very pink, so I chose SMF Hummingbird Lugana to try to soften that pink up a bit; so far, so good:

Judy Odell of Just a Thought Needlework Design recently asked for some small stitched pieces to finish for a new technique that she was working on. I sent her my Monsterbubbles Twitter finish, and she sent it back to me like this:

How cute is that?! She has shared the pdf with the instructions in her FB group, Just a Thought Needlework Design.

Judy has also started selling a stretcher frame set (info can be found in the group), and I bought one from her almost as soon as she released them, as I have long been wondering how to handle the piece of fabric I need for the HAED I bought over four years ago. The design is Foxglove Ball, and the stitch count is 625 x 833; on 25ct fabric over-1 the fabric needs to be at least 31" x 39". I got the 36" rods from Judy, cut my fabric to 32" wide and loaded the whole yard length onto the frame:

It has great tension, and of course works perfectly with my JAT stand. I recently printed out the entire 129-page pattern (which has it's own binder!), and I've had the floss ready for years:

Now I just need  to work up the courage to actually start something that daunting! To paraphrase an old saying "The masterpiece of 520,625 stitches starts with a single stitch". If I worked on nothing but this project (as if!), and completed one page a month, I could have this done in 10 years...

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend!


  1. I love your new Mira She is so romantic and I'm thinking to buy this pattern .
    Your project will be a very big big adventure but you have reason one x and let's start. Casacenina shipped the third part of the Mystery I think to receive it tomorrow or next Monday (Saturday and Sunday courier don't work ). I look forward to met Nora in Verona on May the 7th; for me is the first time . Now I'm going to sleep it is later.... good night big hugs

  2. The Mira is going to be fabulous, the colors go perfectly with that fabric. Thanks for letting us know about the stretcher frame set. I may have to check that out!

  3. Love your Mirablilia on your chosen fabric. It should look stunning, just like your finished piece which has definitely been given wonderful treatment. As for your new start... yikes! A page a month for 10 years is a long commitment but will produce an absolutely stunning piece. On your marks, get set..... :)

  4. Great start, and cute finish.
    That's quite an amazing piece you are going to stitch.
    Have fun at the retreat!

  5. Blossom Collector is a lovely pattern and I really like the fabric you chose to balance out the pink. Your needlebook looks wonderful - what a special finish for your lovely stitching!
    I can't imagine how you are going to stitch on such a huge frame but that design is stunning!

  6. Beautiful stitching I'm excited to watch your foxglove ball progress :)

  7. Great start and your finish is so cute- love the roses. I'll be a the retreat too, looking forward to meeting you! ~Stephanie

  8. That stand looks intriguing. Thank you for the link :)