Monday, August 1, 2016

Juliet is done

I finished Juliet last week, on SW Swirling Storms Belfast:

Instead of the bead that was designed for it, I used a Mill Hill glass rose treasure, with a bead loop coming out from it:

I'm happy with the result, as roses are an integral part of this design, and it will fit nicely under glass when framed.

I was so happy last week, knowing I was almost done with Juliet and finding out that I was going to stitch for Wichelt, and now I am heartbroken because yesterday the vet found a large mass in my Tailor's abdomen. She has been my constant companion for almost 16 years; she follows me into the bedroom every night at bedtime, kneads my chest and talks to me and then sleeps wrapped around my head. Of our four kitties, she is the one who is totally "mine", and the thought of not having her in my life is killing me. So if I don't blog for a while, you'll know why.

My beloved Tailor, on the chair right behind my stitching chair, and always in my heart:


  1. I love the extra touch of rose. So sad to hear about Tailor :(

  2. I am so sorry for you ..... this is a bad news and I undestand you, I lost my small yorkshire three years ago and I miss him everyday. Your Taylor looks so cute !
    Your Juliet is gorgeous and putitng a rose is a nice idea.
    Thinking of you,

  3. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Melanie. Sorry for your loss. We had to put down one our Schnauzers a week ago. He was 9 and had cancer.


  4. The rose is the perfect sub for Juliet - great stitching and congrats on that wonderfully finished piece. The fabric is spot on for it, too.

    And my condolences and cyber-hugs for you and your kitty. I know how hard it is to deal with those kinds of issues, and you have my deepest sympathies.

  5. Your finish is beautiful, and the rose fits perfectly. I'm so sorry to hear about Tailor. :( I hope she can be home with you for a while yet.

  6. Hi dear Melanie
    Your lady is gorgeous and your idea is very appropriate the finish is very beautiful.
    ..I read your words and I'm so sorry for you. I tell a special pry.
    Big hugs

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  8. Julie is absolutely beautiful. Your idea to use a rose with beads is perfect and it looks as if it was made for her.
    Very sorry to hear sad news about Tailor.

  9. Juliet is gorgeous!
    Congrats on your finish.
    The Rose and beads are pretty.
    Sorry to hear about Tailor.

  10. Sorry to hear about Tailor. Your finish is awesome! Just gorgeous! Congrats!

  11. Oh no Mel that's heartbreaking! She's gorgeous :(. You made a nice choice with Juliet she looks great