Monday, September 5, 2016

Two framed, one finished

Last Tuesday I got the call that I had been waiting for, letting me know that my framed pieces were ready to pick up; within half an hour I was at the gallery!

First I'll share Wherefore Art Thou, which I absolutely love! When I chose the fabric for this, I wanted it to look like a stone balcony in the moonlight, and I tried to keep to that look for the framing. I chose a suede outer mat in a darker shade than the fabric, to maintain the texture in the fabric and make it look like darkened stone in the background, and a silver inner mat to highlight Juliet, almost like a spotlight in a stage production. The frame was chosen to complement the colors and give the feel of a carved balcony:

It's almost anticlimactic to share The Blossom Collector, which I had framed without mats because the fabric provided enough interest by itself:

This past Saturday I received my Curtis Boehringer Happy Halloween piece finished by Sue Hillis, and she did an amazing job with it:

Both Gracie and Sophie approve of it (though I have to make sure to put it somewhere they can't get to it and rip those ribbons to shreds!):

To those in the US, hope you have a relaxing Labor Day, and to everyone a great stitchy week!


  1. Three fabulous finishes! You're right, Wherefore Art Thou is absolutely stunning. The frame complements your stitching perfectly. I love it when that happens! You have beautiful works of art to display for years to come.

  2. Cute finish. And those framed pieces are beautiful!! Great choice with fabric color on Wherefore Art Thou

  3. Fantastic choice for Where For, it's breathtaking.
    Blossom is pretty also.
    The flat-fold is awesome.
    Cute kitties! :)

  4. Your work is so beautiful. I really like the flat fold and your fabric and framing choices are exquisite. Thank you for sharing your incredible work.

  5. The frame for Juliet looks lovely. I love the color of the mat.

  6. Oh wow I absolutely adore your finishes. Frames are perfect and Giulietta is incredible; she is very romantic and charming. Sophie and Gracie are fantastic and I send to them a lot of kisses.

  7. Everything is so pretty I love the frames you chose!

  8. You made excellent choices with the framing!
    And I really like that flatfold.