Monday, September 26, 2016

A small start

I finally finished the model I was working on yesterday, so last night I treated myself to a Halloween design start. I'm actually going to stitch up both of these JBW Designs charts, as they are pretty small, and should go quickly; then I plan to finish them as one ornament:

I'm going to start a model for Tempting Tangles in a couple of days, so probably won't have much stitching to share for a while again. Today I received the chart for a reproduction sampler that I stitched for Karen Kluba last year:

I've never stitched a reproduction piece before, and it was kind of neat to think about the original stitcher as I worked. I'm not sure what the two little things are above the house, but they sure look like flying turtles to me (and the larger motif to the right of these might be a space alien!):

These were stitched over one thread on 40ct, which was not an easy feat at my age; the entire verse was also worked over-1:

This one definitely felt like a big accomplishment when it was done! Karen said that she would be sending some more of my finished models back to me soon, so I'm anxious to see which ones they are. Of course, I don't have much more room to hang anything--this is the sight that still greets me when I sit down in my craft room:

On the new kitten front, we had to have a name change. When I took Sophie in for her rabies vaccination, the vet informed me that "she" was actually a "he"! Now that the shock has worn off, I'm happy to finally have a male cat, as I've never had one in the past 19 years of cat ownership. He is really affectionate, sweet and yet still pretty ornery; here he is (now named Bobby, as Sophie just wouldn't do!), laying on top of his sister Scout earlier today:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Cute projects.
    The Sampler looks beautiful.
    They DO looks like turtles!
    Bobby and Sophie are so cute.

  2. I've never had the chance to try out 40ct. I will have to one day. Although I'm not sure I would stitch over 1 on it >.<

  3. I adore your stitches. You are doing a great work. I love your little Lyon.
    He is very beautiful. You have chosen a pretty name for him.

  4. You're doing well stitching over one on 40-count! I don't know if I could do it. But I do love the detail that you can get with it. Your kittens are adorable!