Monday, October 3, 2016

Got a couple of models back

As mentioned in my last post, Karen was sending a couple of my Rosewood Manor models back, and last week I had the fun of opening the big box to see which ones they were. The first was Bucklebury Sampler, which is probably one of my favorites:

The second was Spring Has Come, which was released as a three-part mystery:

This one was done on a pre-printed fabric from Fabric Flair called Yorkshire Roses, which was neat to work with:

Last week I was able to finish up JBW Designs French Country Witch, which I stitched on a SW Swirling Storms Belfast remnant using Silk'n Colors Limehouse (I still need to iron it, so excuse the wrinkles):

I've been working on the Tempting Tangles model since last Thursday, but I did take yesterday off to work on Deb's Welcome SAL. She has a FB group for this 16-part stitch-along; you pay $5 for the whole thing, and post in the group as you progress (you don't have to be in the group to get the charts, just contact Deb at Two parts have been released so far, and I was able to get caught up in one day:

I'm having fun playing with colors on this one; it lends itself nicely to personalization.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Your SAL piece is very neat looking. What fabric are you using? The models you stitched are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Robin! The fabric is a Silkweaver Lugana solo; mostly blue with a touch of lavender and maybe some green to it.

  2. Lovely models and nice finish with that fun thread. You're the second post I've read about the Tempting Tangles SAL. It is tempting. :)

  3. Your models are beautiful - how lovely to have them home where they belong! And I really like your new SAL piece.

  4. Very pretty models.
    I love Buckleberry, it looks so good in that dark frame.
    The SAL looks pretty.

  5. All is so beautiful
    Many compliments for your incredible work. Frames are perfect; very good choice

  6. Your models are just gorgeous! Am enjoying your newer stitches too. :D