Monday, October 24, 2016

Keeping up!

I have finally found a SAL that I can keep up with, which is the Tempting Tangles Welcome SAL. Each part so far has been nice and small, and with two weeks between releases it's been very easy to keep up. Deb has hinted that parts 5 - 8 will be more challenging, so we'll see how they go when we get to them. Here are the first four parts, on a SW solo 32ct piece of Lugana:

I have made some more progress on Stone Roses, but this one is a bit difficult because the colors are so similar, which makes keeping count harder. So I work on it for a while, and then I switch to a less complicated piece with more colors. Here is the latest update:

As Halloween is just a week away, the other design I've been working on is Lizzie*Kate's Spooked. I'm hoping that I can get it done before Halloween, but it will be cutting it close. Here is where I left off last night:

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Great stitches - love the Halloween one!

  2. I love the Lizzie*Kate one too and hope you manage to finish it in time! Your other stitches are lovely too. The fabric for Stone Roses is just perfect.

  3. They are all really lovely. I am partial to Halloween/Fall stitching and I love your WIP. The Stone Roses is just so beautiful.

  4. I liked that you switched the color of the door on LK Halloween sampler. And Stone Roses does look like those colors would be tedious to stitch.

  5. Great projects.
    The SAL looks so pretty.
    And who doesn't like a LK Halloween piece? :)

  6. Oh wow I adore your stitches
    Congrats for the progresses

  7. Beautiful! I love stone roses so far :)

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