Monday, July 10, 2017

Stitching for me!

Last Friday I finished up Hallow-day Inn, and it will be on its way home to my customer later today:

The entire time I was stitching it I was thinking about which colors I would use if I stitched it for myself. I was tempted to buy the chart and do it, but I just have so many other projects I already own that it seemed silly.

I have a Rosewood Manor piece and two Nora Corbetts already in my possession, but I decided to take a few days to work on something for myself. Tempting Tangles has another terrific SAL going, called The Great Cheshire Pumpkin SAL, and it's perfect for my overwhelming desire to stitch with bright, cheerful colors. It was supposed to be a mystery SAL, but when Deb tried to put a small preview on Etsy it ended up showing the entire design; I think that's okay, though, as a lot of people commented that they liked seeing the whole thing.

Part 1 was released a couple of weeks ago; I stitched the partial witch from it on Saturday, using PTP's Haunted on Belfast:

Then part 2 was released just yesterday, so I was able to finish the little cutie:

And here is where I am as of last night:

I'm hoping to finish part 2 this week, then I'll start on the RM piece and work on it until part 3 is released in a couple of weeks.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. I love, love, love the Hallow-day Inn finish. So far your stitch-a-long is looking quite fun and festive. I look forward to seeing more of it as the parts are released. --Andrea

  2. You are certainly a busy stitcher!
    The SAL looks great, especially on Haunted.

  3. That's a gorgeous design you chose to stitch for yourself - and perfect fabric! I'm sure your customer will be pleased with Hallows Inn.

  4. I used to x-stitch ages ago & only used Aida with more simple designs. I recently came across Mirabilia Mermaid designs and bought several of them. I have all the floss, buttons and fabric. I just need a better scroll frame. I've never used Laguna fabric before and it will be some challenge. I love your finished Mirabilia's! Do you sitch the recommended 2 over 2? That will be a challenge for me! I look forward to all the stitchies you share. Thanks

    1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Mirabilia designs! I do stitch these 2 over 2, generally on 28 or 32 ct fabric. Lugana is really not that difficult to stitch on--you just need to give yourself time to learn to "see" the squares. And if it just doesn't click for you, and takes the fun out of stitching, then stitch your mermaids on Aida--lots of people do! The main thing is to just enjoy the process, however it works best for you. :)