Monday, August 28, 2017

Eclipse trip

I didn't blog last week, as I was pretty worn out from our trip to St. Louis to see the eclipse. We drove down on Sunday and came home on Monday; even though the trip home actually went faster than the trip there, it felt longer, and over 17 hours of driving in two days tired me out pretty well for a couple of days afterwards! However, I am really glad that we went, and that I was able to experience something so amazing with my son; he just turned 16, and the time I have left with him at home feels so fleeting.

We missed the totality by a few miles, but it was worth it as we found a nice little park in downtown St. Louis to watch it from, near the Gateway Arch:

At the peak of the eclipse the outdoor lights came on and the locusts started whirring and a swelling "oooh" from the crowd made the moment truly magical. I took this picture a bit earlier (the picture I took at the peak is just a tiny dot of light):

The day before we left I was able to finish up my Book of Spells project; I finished the stitching on Friday and mounted it on the box Saturday morning. I always wish my finishing skills were a bit more polished, but I'm happy with the result:

The name is a bit hard to read, but it's Ida Kerstum--try saying it out loud...

The project even got picked as project of the week by The World of Cross Stitching magazine on FB:

Part 5 of The Great Cheshire Pumpkin SAL was released the night before we left for our trip, so this past week I was able to finish as much of it as I'm going to until the next part is released:

It just keeps getting cuter--those naughty kitties have broken a jack'o'lantern!

Now I am back to work on the Rosewood Manor piece, until the next part of the SAL comes out.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy week!


  1. Your Book of Spells piece is darling. Good for you on staying on top of your SAL piece! It sounded like you had a fabulous eclipse adventure to St. Louis.

  2. Glad you and your son got to see the Eclipse, what a great memory.
    The book turned out awesome!
    Great progress on that cute SAL.

  3. Nice eclipse photo. Your Book of Spells looks great on the box lid and how lovely to be chosen by WOCS too.
    I'm getting very tempted by the Cheshire Pumpkin SAL as I see each new piece!

  4. I just found your blog on Our Blogger of the Week and enjoyed. I am following you now.

  5. New to your blog and I love your stitching. Could you tell me the fabric/linen you stitched Book of Spells on? I love it, especially the color, and your finishing looks great. I have been trying to find the pattern, would you be interested in selling yours?

  6. Beautiful finish on the Book of Spells!